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"Project 4β" Invited Vilnius University Students to Compete for an Internship at Oxylabs

Gabija Birgile

2024-04-181 min read

 We're excited to announce a new partnership with the Kaunas Faculty of Vilnius University. As part of our ongoing commitment to education and industry collaboration through "Project 4β," we have teamed up with our partner Honeygain to introduce an exciting challenge for students enrolled in the Information Systems and Cyber Security program, offering the chance to secure a paid internship at Oxylabs.

We invite students from Vilnius University to join the challenge and win a unique opportunity to join the Oxylabs Information Security team through a paid internship. This is an excellent chance for students to bring their classroom learning to life, engage with industry professionals, and gain a real insight into their chosen career path.

Inesa Dagytė, Head of Information Security at Oxylabs


Oxylabs representatives provided an open lecture to students from all courses of the Information Systems and Cyber Security program. During the event, they presented the companies and invited students to participate in the challenge “Web Application Security Assessment of Honeygain“.

Throughout the challenge, students will test the Honeygain website and analyze, identify, document, and report potential vulnerabilities. Students who successfully complete the task will be rewarded with prizes, with the main prize being a paid internship position at Oxylabs.

Collaboration with Oxylabs is particularly beneficial because it creates a business and study environment that encourages innovation and healthy competition. Students of information systems and cyber security can try their knowledge and skills by testing real live applications. They are rewarded for their performance with prizes provided by Oxylabs rather than a grade or a score. The best-performing students are invited to do an internship at Oxylabs. It is important to note that during the internship at Oxylabs, the student is also paid for their work. Collaborative projects are an opportunity for lecturers to evaluate the relevance and usefulness of the transferred knowledge.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Kęstutis Driaunys, the Institute of Social Sciences and Applied Informatics

Join “4beta”

Through "Project 4β," Oxylabs partners with academia, researchers, and organizations working towards the public good, providing free access to Oxylabs web intelligence collection solutions, and sharing expertise through workshops and guest lectures. 

We're always open to new partnerships where our solutions can help solve critical research questions and missions. We provide our pro bono partners with the tools and knowledge they need to make significant discoveries in various fields. To find out more, check out "Project 4β" or email us at

About the author

Gabija Birgile

Senior PR Manager

Gabija Birgile is a Senior PR Manager at Oxylabs. After working in a PR agency and juggling various projects for quite some time, she wanted to try a role in the tech industry. Making a positive impact with her work was always on top of her mind, so managing "Project 4β" pro bono partnerships now definitely does the job. If you have a project in mind, drop her a message at

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