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Proxy Integration with SwitchyOmega

SwitchyOmega extension is a powerful and reliable proxy manager that works with many popular browsers. This short blog post will show you how to implement Oxylabs Datacenter and Residential Proxies with SwitchyOmega. 

To learn more, check out their GitHub page.

How to use proxies with SwitchyOmega

Adding proxies

To start using proxies with SwitchyOmega, you’ll need to get the extension first:

Once you install SwitchyOmega extension on your preferred browser, you’ll need to:

1. Open SwitchyOmega's Options.

2. Click on New profile.

3. Type in a Profile name

4. Choose Proxy Profile type and click Create.

5. Change the protocol to HTTP.

6. 1. Residential Proxies

For Residential Proxies, add 7777 under Port

6.2. Shared Datacenter Proxies 

6.3. Dedicated Datacenter Proxies 

If you’re using Dedicated Datacenter Proxies, enter a specific numerical IP address in the Server field and 60000 under Port. Please refer to our documentation for more details regarding proxy lists.

7. Next, click the Lock button on the right.

8. After that, fill in your Username and Password. For Residential Proxies, don't forget to add customer-before your given username. 

9. Click Save changes

10. Click Apply changes.

11. For the final step, click on the SwitchyOmega extension icon and choose your newly configured proxy. And that’s it!


SwitchyOmega is one of the better proxy managers out there, so go ahead and give it a try. As mentioned before, SwitchyOmega does not provide proxies. In this case, you need to be sure that you are using the most reliable proxies for a smooth web scraping or browsing experience. Using SwitchyOmega extension with our Datacenter and Residential Proxy servers will help you avoid many browsing issues.

If you have questions on how to configure our proxies with SwitchyOmega or considering starting using our proxies, contact our sales team or check out our Datacenter and Residential Proxies documentation for more information.

Please be aware that this is a third-party tool not owned or controlled by Oxylabs. Each third-party provider is responsible for its own software and services. Consequently, Oxylabs will have no liability or responsibility to you regarding those services. Please carefully review the third party's policies and practices and/or conduct due diligence before accessing or using third-party services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SwitchyOmega?

SwitchyOmega is a free open-source proxy manager specifically optimized for Chrome that allows you to quickly switch between multiple proxies. Think of it as a modern version of the Proxy Settings dialog.

Together with a trusty proxy service, you‘ll have a reliable tool for a more secure everyday browsing.

Where does SwitchyOmega store config and profiles?

SwitchyOmega saves the config and proxy profile in the downloads destination folder you have set for Chrome or Firefox browsers. If you are using Chrome, you can check or change the destination by going to Settings > Downloads. If you are using Firefox, you can go to Settings > General and scroll down until you see the Files and Applications section.

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