Shared Datacenter Proxies

  • Instant access to a 20,000 proxy pool

  • Multiple geo-locations in the US and Europe

  • Cost-effective and easy to set up


concurrent sessions


proxy rotation





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What are Shared Datacenter Proxies?

Shared Datacenter Proxies is a capable and cost-effective proxy solution. Easy integration process and reliable infrastructure will guarantee you successful scraping jobs. 

  • Cost-effective

  • Rich functionality

  • Reliable infrastructure

  • Readily available proxy pool

Wide IP pool for essential target access

Access a 20,000 shared proxy pool and reach targets in the US and Europe. Utilize any IP to establish unlimited concurrent sessions and get the results in seconds. Make no compromises on quality or reliability, and execute your web scraping project with no limitations.


10,000 IPs


2,000 IPs


2,000 IPs


2,000 IPs

United Kingdom

2,000 IPs


2,000 IPs

Cost-effective and capable proxies

Shared Datacenter Proxies are available to multiple users simultaneously, which allows us to cut the servers' maintenance costs and deliver a more attractive pricing. However, we are not cutting any features out - all of the important ones are here to stay:

  • Automatic proxy rotation

  • Sticky sessions

  • Unlimited concurrent sessions

Get going in minutes: fast checkout and seamless integration

Choose the best plan for your needs, add more traffic or easily upgrade your plan in the dashboard. Rely on our developer-friendly technical documentation and tutorials for easy integration. And if you run into any obstacles - our support team is here to help you 24/7.

  • Fast checkout

  • 24/7 support

  • In-depth technical documentation

Boost your business with Shared Datacenter Proxies

Worthwhile proxies for web scraping

Reach targets in multiple locations

Shared Datacenter Proxies allow you to reach targets in any of the six locations we offer.

Unlimited concurrent sessions

Run an unlimited number of sessions simultaneously and reach as many domains as you require.

Advanced proxy rotation

Shared Datacenter Proxies rotate automatically, allowing you to exceed the limited number of requests you can send to a website.

Sticky sessions

Keep the same IP address for an extended period of time and minimize your chances of being blocked.

Reliable infrastructure

Market leading 99.9% network uptime guarantees a stable connection and smooth scraping operations.

Traffic usage tracking

Track your Shared Datacenter Proxies traffic usage statistics in the dashboard.


Leverage a 20,000 proxy pool for fast and cost-effective data delivery

Billed monthly
Billed yearly
-10% off

Automatic proxy rotation

Geo-location targeting

99.9% uptime



$0.60 / GB

$100 +VAT billed monthly

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$0.55 / GB

$200 +VAT billed monthly



$0.50 / GB

$300 +VAT billed monthly



$0.48 / GB

$500 +VAT billed monthly


Starts from:


Custom price / GB

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167 GB
364 GB
600 GB
1,042 GB
2 TB+
Concurrent sessions
Allowed domains
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We accept these payment methods:

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24/7 live support

Proxy know-how sharing

Multi sub-user management

Advice on target scraping

Ease of scaling

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Frequently asked questions

What are shared proxies?

Shared proxies are a set of IP addresses and are available to multiple users simultaneously. Although they are considered inferior to private proxies, shared proxies are suitable for the majority of web scraping tasks and are often the cheapest solution.

What are datacenter proxies?

Datacenter proxies are not affiliated with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and come from remote (cloud) servers. They are great for when you need a stable connection and high speed or if you need to mask your IP address for certain reasons.

How do datacenter proxies work?

Datacenter proxies come from secondary companies, usually the cloud provider, and offer private IP authentication and anonymity. Many users can access the same datacenter proxies and use them simultaneously.

What is the difference between residential and datacenter proxies?

Datacenter proxy IP addresses are tracked to the corporation to which the datacenter belongs. Residential proxies hide your IP address that belongs to Internet Service Provider (ISP) and makes it hard to block, as it acts as an actual user online.

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