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  • The largest selection of dedicated proxy servers

  • The most extensive geographic location coverage

  • Unlimited bandwidth and concurrent sessions

  • Country, state, and city targeting


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Cheap Dedicated Proxies

Dedicated IP Proxy features

Unlimited bandwidth

With Oxylabs dedicated proxy servers, you get unlimited traffic expenditure.

Proxy rotation

Rotate dedicated proxies to obtain a fresh IP address with every new request.

Privacy & anonymity

Route web traffic through Oxylabs dedicated proxies and protect your digital fingerprint.

Multiple protocols

Take advantage of a wide selection of use cases with HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 protocols.

99.9% network uptime

With high uptimes, Oxylabs dedicated proxies provide exceptional reliability and stability.

Outstanding support

Receive assistance whenever you require it, regardless of the time. Our support team operates 24/7.

Reliable and fully-equipped proxies

Fast speed with unlimited bandwidth for large-scale data extraction

Oxylabs dedicated proxies have no extra fees and no limitations for speed and traffic expenditure. Send as many requests as required to complete the most traffic-intensive data collection tasks.

The largest dedicated proxies pool in the market

Large dedicated proxy server IP pool

With 2M+ dedicated proxies in 188 countries, Oxylabs is the largest provider of dedicated proxies covering every location worldwide to unlock any geo-restriction. With private proxies, you can be sure you are the only user of an IP, not shared with anyone, increasing your chances of successful data extraction.

Buy Dedicated Proxy Servers to unlock any scraping target

Cost-effective proxy solution with high performance and focus on speed for large-scale data collection.

  • 2M+ Dedicated Datacenter IPs pool 

  • Quick start with the Self-Service plan

  • Unlimited bandwidth

Buy from $2.752/IP

Thanks to Oxylabs Datacenter Proxies, we saw a substantial improvement in response time immediately – it went from an average of 7-8 seconds to 2-3 seconds. With a quick response rate, clients had better results, while we were able to increase our revenue.”

João Drummond

Founder @ Crawly

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A word from our customers

At our core, we are committed to delivering the best possible customer experience. We aim to establish trust with our clients and assist them in data-gathering endeavors.

Scale your business with Oxylabs dedicated proxies

Frequently asked questions

What is a dedicated proxy?

A dedicated proxy is exclusively assigned to a single user. The user has sole access to the proxy's IP address and resources, ensuring faster speeds, a higher level of privacy, and chances of success when extracting public data.

What is the difference between residential and dedicated proxies?

In the case of Oxylabs solutions, the biggest distinction is that Residential Proxies use a common endpoint ( for proxy access, while with dedicated proxy servers, you get a list of separate IP addresses.

What is the difference between VPN and dedicated proxies?

Common VPN service reroutes and encrypts the entire user traffic on a given device, while dedicated proxies affect only the specific user-defined web requests or applications.

What is the difference between shared and dedicated proxy?

A dedicated proxy is a private proxy server exclusively assigned to a single user. Unlike shared proxies, where multiple users share the same IP address, a dedicated proxy provides a unique IP address dedicated solely to one user at a time. Exclusive access offers higher chances of success, eliminating the possibility of several users using the same IP for the same target destination.

What is the session time for dedicated proxies?

You can use the same IP address for as long as you require. Oxylabs dedicated proxies are well suited for long and uninterrupted sessions and tasks requiring high speed and heavy traffic.

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