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Oxylabs Proxies Power Zulu5’s Advertising Intelligence

Zulu5 provides digital advertising intelligence for global brands, publishers, and agencies. The company helps clients understand the performance of marketing campaigns, both their own and their competitors alike.

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Zulu5 & Oxylabs

Oxylabs proxies unlock the European market

Oxylabs Residential and Datacenter Proxies provide country, state, city, and ASN geo-targeting capabilities. With our proxies, Zulu5 can accurately represent the digital advertising market from a user’s perspective in specific European countries.

By integrating our proprietary algorithms with their advanced Datacenter and Residential Proxies, we not only revolutionized our approach but also significantly enhanced our web crawling capabilities and, importantly, reduced costs.

Javier Vázquez Rodríguez

Managing Director


Enhanced capabilities and reduced costs

Improved geo-precision enhances data quality, enabling access to accurate, location-specific advertising information, all within Zulu5's ethical and legal framework, to bring top-tier advertising intelligence solutions to customers.

Data at scale

Tailored solutions for your business

If you're engaged in traffic-heavy web interactions or simply intrigued by such prospects, our team of specialists is ready to help identify the most fitting solution for your business requirements.

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