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Uninterrupted Retail Intelligence at Wiser Solutions

Wiser Solutions, Inc., a client of Oxylabs, specializes in delivering unparalleled retail intelligence insights. As a commerce execution software provider, Wiser captures retail data online and in-store to provide its customers with key insights that help drive strategic planning. Oxylabs Datacenter Proxies play a crucial role in supporting Wiser's operations.

Wiser and Oxylabs
Wiser case study

About Wiser

  • Wiser’s Commerce Execution Suite enables clients to gather and take action from data.

  • The online side of Wiser’s business operations requires robust proxies for successful execution.

  • Wiser needs a reliable partner with a proven track record of delivering uninterrupted proxy service at a competitive price.

  • Oxylabs ensures that Wiser gets a consistent flow of high-quality retail data.

High performance and speed

Business needs and challenges

Wiser Solutions, Inc. offers a suite of solutions that meets the needs of international retailers and brands. These solutions are powered by a steady flow of publicly available e-commerce data. The company uses a variety of strategies to gather this data multiple times per day, one of which includes making extraction requests to thousands of domains. Given the scale of Wiser’s operations, cost-effectiveness and high success rates are its top priorities.

This posed a critical question for Wiser: How do we strike a balance between successful data gathering and cost while ensuring exceptional service for our customers?

It's critical that we use proxy vendors who understand our use case and are able to partner with us to find the right balance of cost and success.

Devon Kelly Walczak

SVP Operations at Wiser

Wiser logo

How Oxylabs made everything possible

Oxylabs’ Datacenter Proxies turned out to be instrumental in establishing a rock-solid foundation for Wiser’s workflows

Spanning a vast network across 188 countries with a 99.9% uptime, our Datacenter Proxies guarantee that clients like Wiser execute crucial data operations wherever and whenever needed. By combining reliable performance with an attractive price point, Oxylabs can offer the most cost-efficient solution. This ensures Wiser consistently delivers exceptional service and the freshest retail industry insights to its clients.

Gather data at scale

Key takeaway

The strong working relationship between Wiser and Oxylabs enabled them to effectively leverage Datacenter Proxies and elevate Wiser’s retail intelligence operations. Are you also looking for ways to streamline your data operations?

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