Hello, I’m Glen De Cauwsemaecker

Lead Crawler Engineer at OTA Insight

Glen De Cauwsemaecker is the Lead Crawler Engineer at OTA Insight (around 350 employees, of which 67 engineers). With over ten years of experience, he drives the technical roadmap and innovation with a team of four other engineers. Besides researching, developing, and maintaining crawlers, he also maintains and creates new projects related to proxy/networking services, backend services, libraries, automated browser solutions, fingerprinting, tooling, and a trivia of cross-platform and language agnostic reverse engineering activities. 

Previous to working at OTA Insight, he has worked in several countries in South America. Glen focused on operating systems, cloud infrastructure, and independent blockchain technology for a decentralized cloud network on the edge. 

Besides his active professional life, he is also a full-time father of two energetic children, where he learns to become an expert in soft skills of all kinds.

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