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datacenter proxy api

Datacenter Proxy API

  • Replace your Datacenter IPs via a Proxy API

  • Choose from a specific subnet in your current proxy pool

  • Easily replace flagged or blacklisted IPs

Datacenter Proxy API

No more blacklisted or flagged IPs

With Datacenter Proxy API you can replace your IPs from a specific subnet in your existing proxy list. This helps you replace flagged or blacklisted IPs more easily. 

Easy proxy pool management

Oxylabs Datacenter Proxy API is a feature that allows you to control your proxy pool. This makes replacing your Datacenter Proxies via our API is as easy as one POST request. 

Smooth and personalized scraping process

With Proxy API, you have more control over your proxy resources. This ensures reliable data gathering operations for your business. 

Do not have Datacenter Proxies?

No problem! Oxylabs has the largest in the market Datacenter Proxy pool with high response times and extensive selection of locations.

  • Average uptime of 99.9%

  • 2M+ dedicated Datacenter Proxies

  • Superior performance with project of any scale

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