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Antarctica Proxies

64 IPs

Gather public data from your preferred website with our reliable Datacenter Proxies from Antarctica. This way, you will reach your target with complete anonymity and zero IP blocks.

Datacenter Proxies

Dedicated Antarctica Proxy IPs

While other proxy providers usually limit the number of concurrent sessions, Oxylabs allows unlimited sessions. In addition to this, you get complete anonymity and the absence of target restrictions. Use cost-efficient and stable Antarctica proxies for your scraping activities without putting your privacy at risk. Moreover, our Datacenter proxies are an excellent solution for location targeting, market research, and brand protection. 

  • Unlimited concurrent sessions

  • 99% uptime

  • Zero target limitations

High Speed

High-Speed Antarctica Proxies

Our fast and reliable proxies are exactly what can help to scale your web scraping activities to a new level. While caring for the health and performance of Oxylabs’ Antarctica proxies, our team remains on the lookout for any possible issues that can disturb the process of data gathering. Therefore, you can be sure that your web scraping is fast, effortless, and high-quality. 

  • Solution to scrape at any scale

  • Fast and reliable proxies

  • Constantly monitored proxies 

Datacenter Proxies in Antarctica

Advance your web scraping activities and help your business to achieve the best results with a constantly updated and monitored pool of Datacenter Antarctica Proxies.

  • Face noticeably fewer IP blocks

  • Gather public data at scale

  • Achieve excellent performance with avg. 99% uptime

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2M+ IPs

Why you should choose Oxylabs’ Antarctica proxy servers

Easy integration of Antarctica proxy servers

Use third party software, such as IP address management tools, to integrate Oxylabs proxies quickly and easily. Our team prepared clear step-by-step tutorials on how to do that in our developer-friendly documentation. Choose Antarctica proxies and forget about complicated integration processes.


Increased scalability with Antarctica proxies

With stable Antarctica proxies, you can access even the most challenging publicly available targets using your automated scraping script. Choose Oxylabs’ reliable proxies and get a chance to gather public data without facing anti-scraping technologies or exceeding the target’s request limit.

Growing pool

Constantly growing Antarctica proxy pool

To satisfy the scraping needs of our customers, we constantly work on growing and improving the quality of our Antarctica Datacenter proxy pool. Additionally, Oxylabs increases the number of other proxy types, such as SOCKS5, HTTP(S), etc. 

Certified data centers and upstream providers

All of our products are insured

All of our products are covered by Technology Errors & Omissions (Technology E&O) and Cyber Insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a proxy?

Simply put, proxies are intermediaries between you and the internet. With proxy servers, your request is routed via the proxy first. It's like an additional layer – hiding the actual IP address is one of the main benefits why it's worth it to use proxies. 

If you're interested, you can find more information here: what is a proxy?

What are datacenter proxies?

Datacenter Proxies come from secondary corporations like data centers, and they aren't affiliated with Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Usually, datacenter proxies have higher and more stable uptime than Residential Proxies. The main benefit of Datacenter Proxies is the high anonymity and rapid response times. However, websites can detect and block these proxies.

What are residential proxies?

Residential Proxies are real IP addresses provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to homeowners. They are genuine IP addresses attached to a physical location. Residential proxies have high anonymity and enable users to collect the required public data with noticeably fewer IP blocks. 

Is web scraping legal in Antarctica?

There is no exact answer to this question. However, our legal team suggests asking for professional advice regarding proxy use for scraping activities in Antarctica. Most of the time, it is important to keep in mind that your web scraping must not breach any laws surrounding the needed public data.

Check out one of our blog posts for a deeper explanation: is web scraping legal?

Should I use free Antarctica proxies?

Proxies are popular because they help avoid IP bans and improve anonymity online. That’s why, while searching for easy and cheap solutions, many businesses implement free proxy services that usually have security and speed issues. Paid proxies come from reliable providers. Of course, it might be hard to find a trustworthy proxy provider, but if you care about your company’s security, it is definitely worth all the time and resources.