Proxies for Cybersecurity

Proxy servers provide anonymity and prevent blocks in cybersecurity operations, which is inevitable from fully protecting internet users. Reliable proxy services come in handy while identifying threats, testing applications, or scraping and monitoring websites in different locations.

Challenges you may face:

IP blocks



Uplift your cybersecurity operations

A large proxy pool from multiple locations, high uptime, and exclusive speed can take cybersecurity activities to the next level. Proxies can help you access geo-restricted content, increase anonymity while verifying potential threats, avoid CAPTCHAs, and improve the speed of your day-to-day operations.

Solution for vulnerability management

With our proxies, fighting cybercrimes and protecting your clients from data leaks becomes easier. Oxylabs’ proxies add an extra layer of security between servers and outside traffic, masking your IP addresses so you can detect threats while remaining completely anonymous.

Possible risks

Cybersecurity companies scan websites to check if they contain any threats. However, malicious websites don’t want to be identified and block IP addresses that seem suspicious.

How can we help?

Cybersecurity proxies ensure anonymity by shielding cybersecurity companies’ IP addresses and helping them scan websites for threats undetected.

High uptime for efficient protection

Data breaches can have irreversible consequences even for the biggest players in the market. Ensuring security online around the clock is a top priority for any cybersecurity company because malicious attacks can happen at any time.

Possible risks

Cybersecurity clients have to be protected from potential threats all the time, and even the shortest downtime can have irreversible consequences.

How can we help?

Oxylabs’ Datacenter Proxies have 99.9% uptime, which means cybersecurity clients are protected from cybercrimes around the clock.

Large proxy pool for load testing

Our vast proxy pool from around the world can help you check if software applications are capable of performing under unexpected load. Use proxies to identify the number of users that an application can support.

Possible risks

For load testing to succeed, you need to use many IP addresses. Also, organic-like traffic is one of the key factors to creating efficient load testing. Otherwise, determining whether the current infrastructure is sufficient to run the application will be inefficient.

How can we help?

Load testing service providers have been selecting Datacenter Proxies to generate load. While this solution has been a more common choice, datacenter IPs have downsides. Residential Proxies are also an efficient solution for load testing operations.

Choose Datacenter Proxies or Residential Proxies for cybersecurity operations

Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter Proxies are an efficient resource for a quality cybersecurity service. There is no need to choose between high uptime and high performance; with Oxylabs Datacenter Proxies, you can have both!

  • Choose one of the fastest proxies on the market

  • Enjoy unlimited bandwidth

  • Pick proxies from the largest Datacenter Proxy pool

Residential Proxies

When you need to stay completely undetected, choose Residential Proxies for cybersecurity operations! Avoid IP blocks and other unexpected issues with almost unblockable proxy solutions. 

  • High speeds and avg. 99.2% success rates

  • Scale-up with the unlimited concurrent sessions

  • Reduced IP blocks with 100M+ Residential Proxy pool

Added benefits of Datacenter Proxies

2M+ dedicated proxies

Pick IPs from one of the largest datacenter proxy pool in the market

Global proxy network

Oxylabs Datacenter Proxies cover 188 locations worldwide

Unlimited bandwidth and targets

Only pay for IP addresses and enjoy unlimited traffic and targets

Added benefits of Residential Proxies

Global coverage

One of the largest residential proxy pools in the market

Session control

Flexible and adjustable session control feature for your needs

24/7 support

Responding to your urgent requests whenever you need

Scale up your business with Oxylabs®