Proxies for Travel Fare Aggregation

If you ever scraped flight, hotel, and ticket price data, you probably know the pain of getting banned from your targets. But what if you need accurate data, a ton of it, and you need it now? Proxies are the key. They hide your actual IP and disguise you as a regular website visitor. Now, you can harvest real-time travel fare data in any location and from any page. All this - under complete anonymity. Get proxies and provide your customers only with new and relevant travel offers.

Challenges you may face:

Complex websites

Outdated information

Restricted geo-locations

Make travel fare aggregation easy

Empowered by a massive proxy network, you can collect new travel deals from the most complex websites anywhere in the world. Keep your finger on the pulse and stay competitive by quickly adjusting to the market demands.

Access geo-restricted content

One of the greatest challenges of travel fare aggregation is accessing and collecting geo-restricted data. Usually, hotels and flight websites provide different information depending on your geolocation. To scrape travel data, you’ll need residential IP addresses.

Possible risks

Most travel websites check their visitors’ IP addresses and detect the location. Based on this, they will offer you deals and prices relevant only to a specific area. But if you need precise and up-to-date information from all around the globe, you should opt for some extra assistance.

How can we help?

Oxylabs residential proxy pool consists of 100M+ IP addresses and covers 195 locations worldwide. Also, we offer state, city, and even coordinate-level targeting. With our proxies for travel fare aggregation, you can easily access required information no matter where you are.

Gather travel data from complex websites

Flight and hotel sites are a tough nut to crack as they employ delayed JavaScript-based rendering. While JavaScript makes a web page more dynamic, it also complicates the data extraction process. This is where proxies come in handy.

Possible risks

If your scraping tools can’t handle JavaScript rendering, you can’t obtain the needed data. Also, travel sites closely monitor incoming requests and block suspicious IPs. With such obstacles in your way and without a proper tool to fight them, data gathering will be a waste of time and money.

How can we help?

With our special AI-powered solution, you will get travel data from a website of any complexity. It renders content hidden in JavaScript elements and offers an extremely high success rate. Unlock smooth data collection from any target with noticeably fewer IP blocks and CAPTCHAs.

Get fresh travel fares data

Dealing with outdated and irrelevant data is the worst nightmare in the rapidly changing travel industry. You need robust and flexible equipment to monitor myriads of flight and hotel sites in real-time. Scrape travel prices with proxies, and be assured your data is ultra-fresh.

Possible risks

Depending on seasons, sales, and other factors, hotel and flight prices constantly change. Travel websites use dynamic pricing to set adjustable prices based on real-time demand. Due to it, it’s hard to grasp timely data. It may result in your customers getting frustrated because of the false information.

How can we help?

No matter the circumstances, with Oxylabs proxies, you’ll always get the most recent travel updates. With unlimited concurrent sessions and rotating IPs, you can gather as much data as you need. Sleep well knowing that you provide only relevant travel deals to your customers.

Choose Next-Gen Residential Proxies or Residential Proxies for travel fare aggregation

Next-Gen Residential Proxies

Next-Gen Residential Proxies are a new type of proxy powered by the latest ML technologies and AI applications. These proxies shorten data gathering process and make easier. 

  • Extract pricing information from JavaScript-heavy websites

  • Get relevant and accurate data whenever needed

  • Access any location and get precise data

Residential Proxies

Extract hotel and flight pricing information with Residential Proxies and collect information from any location in the world without IP blocks.  Access content in any country in the world.

  • Access geo-blocked content

  • Gather reviews at a large scale

  • Collect information without IP bans

Added benefits of Next-Gen Residential Proxies

Adaptive parsing

Receive parsed information from any website

Wide location coverage

100M+ Residential Proxy network around the world

Auto-retry system

Attempt to acquire requested information until the job is successful

Added benefits of Residential Proxies

Global location coverage

Oxylabs Residential Proxies cover 195 countries in the world

Large proxy pool

Oxylabs Residential Proxy network contains over 100M IPs

No CAPTCHAs or IP bans

Surf the web without IP address blocks

Oxylabs client story

Expanding trivago's global reach

Trivago is a global company that provides fare aggregation. Their search allows comparing hotel and other types of accommodation prices around the world.


Some hotel website listings cannot be accessed from different countries. To collect hotel pricing information worldwide, trivago needed an easy-to-use, scalable solution with a low response time.


Oxylabs Residential Proxies consists of over 100M residential IPs from all over the world. With them, trivago was able to access various websites without getting geo-blocked. 

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