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Hello, I’m Erika Brazaityte

Senior PR Manager at Oxylabs

Erika is a Senior PR Manager at Oxylabs. Throughout her career, both in journalism and PR, she had a chance to juggle a variety of topics from beauty to renewable energy to now technology. She’s fascinated by the pace at which new tech can change business routines and our daily lives, and she loves spreading the word about it.

Empowering the Lithuanian Public Sector in the Mission for a Cleaner Internet

The internet is full of illegal and harmful content, which can be hard to detect without the right tools. Web scraping is a perfect solution.


2 min read

Meeting the Most Ambitious SEO Needs With Fresh Data

Morningscore partners with Oxylabs, a leading publicly available data gathering solutions provider, and use their specialised tool – SERP Scraper API! Find out more about this partnership.


3 min read

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