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Mauritania Proxies
2,944 IPs

Acquire public data from any desired website by using our Mauritania-based Datacenter Proxies or genuine Residential IPs. Enjoy complete privacy and zero restrictions while you’re at it. 

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Datacenter Proxies

Enjoy one of the fastest, most sophisticated Mauritania-based proxies available.

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Residential Proxies

Utilize Mauritanian proxies to mimic organic traffic and get around IP bans.

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Biggest pool of Mauritania proxy IPs

With a continuously growing pool of Mauritanian IPs at your disposal, choose from over 2K proxies to complete even the most difficult scraping tasks. Enjoy smooth workflow anytime you undertake web scraping assignments, with sessions claiming a 99.95% success rate. Carry out your local data gathering needs and localization testing with our city-level targeting opportunities, covering specific localities in Mauritania, such as Nouakchott.

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Dedicated Mauritania Proxy Servers

Unlimited concurrent sessions and strong proxy server stability are some of the many perks of using Oxylabs' Mauritanian Datacenter Proxies. You can utilize our proxy servers several uses, including brand protection, cyber security, and market research concurrently. Your most demanding web scraping operations can now be accomplished by choosing from over 2K stable Mauritanian proxy servers, all for a reasonable price.

  • Up to 99% uptime

  • Limitless and accurate location targeting

  • Complete anonymity and privacy

speedy proxies

Fastest Mauritania Proxies

Utilize our efficient Mauritanian proxy network to enhance your public data extraction performance. Oxylabs offers over 2K Mauritanian proxies that are healthy, reliable and exceptionally fast. Our continuous monitoring and maintenance feature ensures that inoperative proxies are automatically replaced at no extra cost.

  • Stable Infrastructure

  • Thoroughly examined proxy pool

  • Constant maintenance

Oxylabs’ Proxies in Mauritania

datacenter proxies

Datacenter Proxies

Enjoy having unlimited bandwidth and scalability for your web scraping projects. Access public data in Mauritania from any digital source by getting beyond regional restrictions.

  • Up to 99.9% uptime with healthy performance

  • Enjoy Integration without issues

  • Limitless bandwidth and targets

residential-proxies logo

Residential Proxies

Utilize our Mauritania-based Residential Proxies to easily replicate organic behavior while scraping.

  • Obtain large volumes of public data

  • Avoid IP restrictions and CAPTCHAs

  • Reform the scope of your scraping tasks

Additional benefits

customer support

24/7 live support

We offer skilled customer care service around-the-clock, every day of the week.


Usage statistics on demand

Utilize an easy-to-use dashboard to keep track of your usage statistics.


Universal protocol support

SOCKS5HTTP, and HTTPS protocols are all supported by Oxylabs Mauritania-based proxies.

Additional benefits

global coverage

Total Mauritania coverage

With Oxylabs' Residential Proxies, get city-level data without paying additional fees.

expanding pool

Rapidly Expanding Proxy Pool

A continually growing proxy pool that already has thousands of IPs.

no captcha

Minimize IP bans and CAPTCHAs

Focus on your data extraction by totally bypassing IP bans and bothersome CAPTCHAs.

Why you should choose Oxylabs’ Mauritania proxies


Easy proxy server integration

Effortlessly integrate third-party apps like scrapers, browsers, and APIs with Oxylabs' Mauritanian proxies using a simple, step-by-step integration process. Use the developer-friendly tutorials created by our team for smooth and seamless integration.


Massive scalability possibilities

Quickly scale up your data collection operations now that there are thousands of Mauritania-based IP addresses available. With the help of our proxies, you can quickly go to the next stage of website browsing while collecting the necessary public data and avoiding anti-scraping detection.

growing proxy pool

Rapidly growing proxy server pool

At Oxylabs, one of our top priorities is to make sure that our resources are consistently updated to encompass new protocol types so as to offer a wide range of web scraping alternatives to our clients. Our proxy server pools are constantly expanding – this way, we can meet even the most challenging scraping project demands. 

Certified data centers and upstream providers


All of our products are insured

All of our products are covered by Technology Errors & Omissions (Technology E&O) and Cyber Insurance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is web scraping legal in Mauritania?

Task-specific laws and the legality of web scraping vary. Oxylabs advises seeking legal counsel if you are unsure of the local laws governing your access to a specific public record.

Check out our blog post on this topic, to learn more about the legalities of web scraping. 

Should I use free Mauritania Proxies?

Although using a free proxy might be alluring, the drawbacks far outweigh the advantages. Free proxies frequently have operational issues, slow speeds, and numerous security flaws that put your personal data at risk of being lost. 

To guarantee complete anonymity and privacy whenever you perform any task, reputable proxy providers like Oxylabs offer ethically sourced proxy pools. Only paid services are ready to help you with your tasks at every stage.

Scale up your business with Oxylabs®