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OxyCon: Web Scraping in 2021 and Beyond conference gathered speakers and attendees from all over the world. The two-day virtual conference featured talks on three main topics: web scraping for developers; data collection for business; what's next in web scraping?

Day one

Data Quality - Your Worst Nightmare

By Allen O’Neill, Founder and CTO at DataWorks

Data quality is an important factor that often gets overlooked in the early stages of public data gathering. And when something goes wrong, then data quality may become the largest headache. View this session to find out how to ensure early on that data quality won't become a huge issue.

Day one

Indexing: Scraping Website from Zero to Sitemap

By Eivydas Vilčinskas, Senior Software Engineer at Oxylabs

Do you know how you can use website indexing to serve your public data gathering needs? Watch this session to find out. If you are looking to categorize links and bring some structure into your web scraping projects, you are in the right place.

Day one

TLS Fingerprinting in Web Scraping

By Martynas Juravičius, Lead Data Analyst at Oxylabs

If you are a member of the web scraping community, the chances are that you have heard about TLS fingerprinting. But what is it, and how exactly does it work? Should companies be preparing to rebuild their web scraper from scratch to keep up with the TLS fingerprinting?

Day one

Harnessing the Power of External Data in E-commerce

By Tomas Montvilas, Chief Commercial Officer at Oxylabs

The e-commerce market is a competitive field. Companies have to find out ways to stand out and gain a competitive advantage. External data can be a powerful tool. How to use the external data to your company's advantage and make the most of it?

Day one

Monitoring Web Scrapers: Best Practices

By Andrius Kūkšta, Data Analyst at Oxylabs

Web scraper monitoring is an essential part of its maintenance. Fast reaction to seemingly even the slightest deviations from the norm is very important. But what to do if you're monitoring multiple scrapers at the same time?

Day one

Machine Learning Infrastructure

By Pujaa Rajan, Machine Learning Engineer at Stripe

Companies looking to implement machine learning in their business need to create a suitable environment for training the models. Find out what resources, processes, and tooling are required to develop a machine learning infrastructure in your company.

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Day two

Recent Case Law and the Future of Web Scraping

By Denas Grybauskas, Head of Legal at Oxylabs

Every legal case that involves web scraping attracts a lot of attention. But without specific knowledge, it may be hard to understand what separate cases mean in the larger picture. This session covers the most recent legal battles that may have an impact on the future of web scraping.

Day two

Active Fingerprinting to Avoid Bot Detection

By Paulius Stundžia, Software Engineer at Oxylabs

In this interactive presentation, you will find out how websites can use fingerprinting techniques to detect headless browsers. The speaker will use two of the most popular Python libraries for headless browsing: pyppeteer and playwright. 

Day two

Augmenting Web Scraping With Machine Learning

By Jurijus Gorskovas, Machine Learning Engineer at Oxylabs

Web scraping at scale can bring challenges that require complex solutions. Machine learning algorithms can be the answer to these issues. Watch this session and find out how machine learning can help with block detection and content classification.

Day two

Using NLP for Entity Detection in Parsed HTML

By Adi Andrei, Founder and CEO at Technosophics

Natural language processing (NLP) is an Artificial Intelligence component that helps computers understand human language. In this session, you will find out how NLP can detect entities in parsed HTML and help you save time and resources.

Day two

Ethical Data Collection Policies

By Con Conlon, Managing Director of Merit Data & Technology

Ethical web data gathering is becoming a priority for many companies. But implementing an ethical data collection policy may require more resources than businesses anticipate. Watch this session to learn what to do if your company and your clients are not on the same page of your ethical data collection policy.

Day two

Web Scraping in 2021 and Beyond

Hosted by Juras Juršėnas, COO at Oxylabs

This session features a panel of experts in their fields who discuss what has happened in the world of web scraping in 2021 and talk about the next big thing in the industry. The panel also discusses how the pandemic has affected companies that run web scraping projects.

The Top Takeaways from OxyCon

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