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recent case law

Recent Case Law and What It Means for the Future of Web Scraping

What’s next in web scraping? Live presentation
26 August, 12:10PM BST, 30min

When it comes to legal matters, the web scraping industry often falls into an unclear area. This is exactly why every legal case related to the industry draws a lot of attention. 

At OxyCon 2019, Oxylabs legal team presented the most relevant legal cases related to the web scraping industry. Two years later,  the heat map prepared by Oxylabs legal team is as relevant as ever. 

This year, Denas Grybauskas, Head of Legal at Oxylabs, will overlook the most recent and most impactful cases for the scraping industry. This includes recent SCOTUS decisions on Van Buren v. The United States and HiQ Labs v. Linkedin cases. 

Denas will provide a simplified assessment of what happened in the mentioned and other cases and discuss how these decisions or ongoing cases might impact the industry's future.

Join this session, if you:

  • Work with any web scraping projects

  • Want to learn about the most recent legal cases related to the industry

  • Are interested in the future of web scraping

Please note: The views expressed by speakers or moderators are those of the speaker or moderators and not, necessarily, of Oxylabs or other respective organizations. Before engaging in scraping activities of any kind, you should consult your legal advisors.

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