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Affise: Residential Proxies Is Key to Our Marketing Solution

Affise is an all-in-one performance marketing solutions platform. The company specializes in analytics, automation, and fraud prevention, including affiliate marketing management with partnership automation. The core offering simplifies partner marketing for agencies, publishers, and brands. The means to assist are tools and know-how on how to grow business through data-based partnerships with affiliates, content creators, influencers, and mobile apps.

Affise & Oxylabs

About Affise

  • Affise specializes in partnership management for performance marketing.

  • To optimize partnerships, Affise provides the Offer Checker feature.

  • Regular offer checks face numerous setbacks when performed at a large scale.

  • Oxylabs Residential Proxies enable Offers Checker to improve efficiency.

A tool for affiliate marketing management

Affise’s Offers Checker, a feature of partner marketing, helps to track traffic loss caused by broken affiliate links. The tool assists network managers in inspecting and optimizing redirects and tracker URLs emplaced by partnered advertisers.

With Offers Checker’s assistance, businesses can cut off wasted traffic that never reaches a designated offer. Ultimately, the tool helps to spot trends and invest in referral partners who bring in high-value customers. Based on collected data, users can evaluate each advertiser’s performance and decide when to expand or avoid a partnership.

Technical dilemma

The cornerstone of Offers Checker, link validity testing (redirect path and destination checks), requires sending large amounts of periodic HTTP requests to servers all over the world.

In doing so, geo-restrictions, IP blocks, and digital fingerprinting-based bans are inevitable, significantly disrupting or preventing the checking process.

“We are making about 4M campaign checks per month, which means we are helping our customers to prevent losing traffic and money on the marketing campaigns that are not working.”

Dmitri Zotov

Founder & CTO

Affise logo

Offers Checker powered by Residential Proxies

Residential Proxies provide organic traffic resemblance and empower Affise to make around 4M campaign checks per month. Oxylabs residential IPs allow sending thousands of HTTP requests in parallel to check vast amounts of links without interruptions.

Affise emphasizes Oxylabs Residential Proxies as a core solution for the Offers Checker feature. After integrating Oxylabs proxies, the company highlighted low response times and country and ASN filtering as distinguishing technical features, with easy product integration and customer support being another standout.

With Oxylabs technical assistance always on the line, Residential Proxies were integrated into the Afffise’s tool, becoming a key solution of Offers Checker. Improved quality of link validity checks allowed to save resources for the company and, in turn, its clients.

Whether you’re performing web interactions at a large scale or are curious about such possibilities, Oxylabs will help you find a solution.

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