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Fizbot's Success: Oxylabs' Web Unblocker Fuels Real Estate Data

Fizbot Sales Navigator™ is a sales management platform for real estate agencies, providing a handful of efficient tools from portfolio management to market monitoring. To perform their daily operations and meet client expectations, Fizbot utilizes Oxylabs’ Web Unblocker and Dedicated Datacenter Proxies.

About Fizbot

According to Can Atuf Kansu, co-founder & CTO at Fizbot, their key business requirements are as follows: 

  • Fizbot needs to keep around 7 million active real estate listings in 5 countries up-to-date. 

  • Since the beginning of its business, Fizbot has been trying to achieve this goal in the most ethical ways and without any negative impact on the sources. It means all their operations have to be scheduled during the off-peak hours. 

  • To manage it efficiently, they require the average response time to be under 5 seconds per request for quick data acquisition, analysis, and presentation to clients.

Requirements and challenges

  • High success rate and uptime are of great importance to Fizbot, and they are able to keep their level of service satisfaction with around 94-95% average success rate per source. This way, Fizbot obtains information regarding listings and price updates with a desirable success rate, ensuring no missed opportunities for their clients.  

  • While providing their services in 5 countries, Fizbot often faces geo-blocking as one of the most common throttling methods. Therefore, country and ASN request filtering plays a significant role in their operations. 

The most drastic change happened with Spain's leading real-estate listing website. With our previous provider, the average success rate for the last three months was 84%, and the cost of 1000 requests was, on average, $1.5. After switching to Oxylabs’ Web Unblocker, the success rate rose above 98%, and the cost of 1,000 requests dropped to $0.6, meaning almost 60% cost saving.

Can Atuf Kansu

Co-founder & CTO at Fizbot

Oxylabs Web Unblocker: maximized success, minimized costs

Since Fizbot started using Oxylabs’ Web Unblocker, they noticed a 20% drop in more difficult requests, with some cases going as far as 60%.

Can also added that Web Unblocker positively influenced another target, the Italian counterpart of the website mentioned above. Before, the average cost of 1,000 requests was $0.7, and with Web Unblocker, it decreased to $0.55, resulting in a cost drop of around 20%.  

Now, we’re not afraid of any unpleasant surprises, no matter how fast we’re growing.

Can Atuf Kansu

Co-founder & CTO at Fizbot

Oxylabs Dedicated Datacenter Proxies for bulk operations

A bulk of Fizbot’s operations are run on Datacenter Proxies. The CTO Can noted that the uncertainty of variable costs per bandwidth, previously a risk for a growing company like them, has now been removed with Oxylabs introducing fixed pricing for Dedicated Datacenter Proxies.

Key takeaway

According to Can, Web Unblocker’s high success rate and fast resolution of issues positively impacted Fizbot and its daily business operations, cutting costs and ensuring timely data delivery. Also, Can acknowledges the professionalism of Oxylabs’ Customer Success Team, pointing out that it always keeps Fizbot updated about significant changes. 

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