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Amazon: SORRY Something Went Wrong on Our End

Amazon: SORRY Something Went Wrong on Our End - Meaning & Fix

The “dog page” is a common response error when the local Amazon server encounters an issue. Typically, it might be just a broken URL, with the possibility of being restricted from access when collecting public data from Amazon.

Here, you’ll find the most common causes, fixes, and an Oxylabs solution.

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Amazon: SORRY Something Went Wrong on Our End

Main causes

Rate limiting

A limit for the amount of requests a user can send to Amazon within a specific time period. Sending too many requests in a short amount of time could trigger this error.


Amazon services are unavailable in certain countries. Some features or pages may be restricted in specific regions to segment audiences and provide differentiated offers.

Browser fingerprinting

Amazon collects cookies, headers, and other browser parameters to create and assign a unique digital fingerprint as a tracking measure to identify bot activity.

Broken URL

The simplest reason for encountering such a response from Amazon is the URL you are attempting to access is either incorrect, leading to an invalid destination, or it no longer exists.


Common fixes



Proxies hide your actual IP address and geographic location, letting the website see you as a different user with each browsing session. This way, you can access localized country-specific versions of the Amazon website anywhere in the world.

Fingerprint customization

Browser fingerprint customization

Setting the right browser fingerprint allows you to imitate organic user behavior. The right combination of browser settings and device parameters adds up to successful HTTP(S) requests.

Proprietary tools

Proprietary tools

Ready-made solutions like APIs combine website unblocking measures into all-in-one software with a high degree of user control and customization and can be integrated into pre-existing infrastructure.

All-in-one solution – Amazon Scraper API

Amazon Scraper API is an all-in-one tool for large-scale data extraction from Amazon pages in real-time. Powerful anti-blocking features with maintenance-free infrastructure and automated proxy management give the best chance of successfully collecting public product data from Amazon.

ML-driven proxy management

Built-in proxy support with smart AI features for proxy rotation and evaluation. The system selects proxies that work best for Amazon and gives the highest success rate with the lowest possible response time.

Dynamic browser fingerprinting

AI-powered browser fingerprinting and response recognition help you to perform large-scale web scraping operations with almost zero IP blocks and CAPTCHAs.

JavaScript rendering

Oxylabs infrastructure automatically runs headless browsers on your behalf with custom settings to extract public data from Amazon web pages that require JS rendering, such as Bestsellers.

Automated retries

If your web scraping request encounters an issue, Amazon Scraper API will opt for a different set of client device parameters and resend the request.

Headless Browser

JavaScript-based page rendering with a single line of code. You can set up custom browser instructions and enable the browser to execute mouse clicks and other web interactions.

Web Crawler

With Web Crawler, you can discover all pages on Amazon and select only the data you need by controlling the crawling scope and tailoring the end result.

Custom Parser

With Custom Parser, you can write your own instructions and create a custom logic with XPath and CSS selectors to suit any Amazon web page. The resulting structured data is ready for use in market research.


With Scheduler, you can create multiple schedules for different jobs, receive notifications when the job is done, and get your data delivered to a preferred cloud storage location.

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