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Oxylabs Proxy Integration With Lalicat Browser

Anti-detection browsers combined with proxies serve as a solution to establishing and managing multiple accounts across a vast array of platforms. This article will guide you through the integration process of Oxylabs' Residential and Datacenter Proxies with the Lalicat internet browser.

Oxylabs Proxy Integration With Lalicat Browser

What is Lalicat?

Lalicat is an anti-detect browser that launches multiple isolated Chrome-based (Chromium) instances. Each instance is the usual internet browser window acting as a separate device with its unique IP, browser profile, and fingerprint.

Lalicat browser allows users to manage multiple browser profiles with individual accounts at once, differentiating browser fingerprints for each account to simulate the usage of disassociated devices. The accounts won't be linked to single users to avoid being flagged, blacklisted, or banned.

With the effect of multiple browser profiles, a large number of cross-industry accounts can be operated in batches, helping with various overseas e-commerce, web scraping, and brand protection tasks.

Installing Lalicat

  1. To begin, navigate to the official Lalicat home page.

  2. Download the setup.

  3. Run the installation setup and follow the instructions.

Configuring proxies

1. Once set up, launch the application, create a new account, and log in.

2. On the home screen, press Browser List and then click +Add Browser Profile to configure a new browser instance.

Initiating the setup

3. Fill in the Name and select a simulated Operating System as well as other settings deemed necessary for an upcoming task.

Configuring the essentials

4. Under the proxy settings, specify the following details.

Residential Proxies

Proxy type: HTTP, HTTPS, or SOCKS5

Proxy host:

Proxy port: 7777

You can also use country-specific entries. For example, if you fill in under IP address and 10001 under Port, you'll acquire a US exit node with a sticky session (for a complete list of country-specific entry nodes, please refer to our documentation).

Integrating Residential Proxies

Datacenter Proxies

Self-Service Dedicated Datacenter Proxies



Port: 8001

With Self-Service Dedicated Datacenter Proxies, the port number indicates the sequential number of the IP address from the acquired list. Please refer to our documentation for more details.

Enterprise Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Proxy type: HTTP or SOCKS5

Proxy host: a specific IP address (e.g.,

Proxy port: 60000

In the case of Enterprise Dedicated Datacenter Proxies, you will need to choose an IP address from the acquired list. Please refer to our documentation for more details.

Integrating Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Shared Datacenter Proxies

Proxy type: HTTP

Proxy host:

Proxy port: 10000

You can also use one of six country-specific entries. For example, if you fill in under IP address and 40000 under Port, you'll acquire a German exit node with a sticky session (for a complete list of country-specific entry nodes, please refer to our documentation).

Integrating Shared Datacenter Proxies

5. Enter your Oxylabs sub-user’s Username and Password. You can create and manage your proxy sub-users with our all-in-one dashboard.

5.1. By clicking Advanced Setting below, you can customize a wider range of options to fully personalize your browser fingerprint for this particular instance.

6. Press Check the network to make sure that your proxy is functioning properly and a dedicated location corresponds with the expectations.

Checking the location

7. Finally, click Save to complete the configuration and Open the browser.

Launching the browser instance

That's all! You've successfully integrated your Oxylabs proxies with Lalicat.


Lalicat anti-detect browser powered by Oxylabs proxies can make your multiple accounts management and public data-gathering tasks more accessible, while augmented security will let you browse the internet anonymously.

If you have any questions regarding Oxylabs proxy integration, feel free to get in touch with our team for more information.

Please be aware that this is a third-party tool not owned or controlled by Oxylabs. Each third-party provider is responsible for its own software and services. Consequently, Oxylabs will have no liability or responsibility to you regarding those services. Please carefully review the third party's policies and practices and/or conduct due diligence before accessing or using third-party services.

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