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Oxylabs’ Scraper APIs: Buying Guide

Implementing high-quality scraping solutions is integral for efficient public web data extraction. Below, see a detailed breakdown of Oxylabs’ Scraper APIs’ features and use cases to understand which fits your needs best.



SERP Scraper API


E-Commerce Scraper API


Web Scraper API

Scraper APIs

What are Scraper APIs?

Automated web services tailored to fetch large amounts of data from websites in a short time. Popular for such use cases as e-commerce, SEO, market research, digital advertising, brand security and protection. 

The key benefits of using high-quality Scraper APIs include:

  • No need to develop or maintain you own scraping infrastructure;

  • Localized real-time data without IP blocks;

  • Smart features like Headless Browser, Web Crawler, Scheduler and more.

How do Scraper APIs compare to proxies?

Scraper APIs are ready-to-use web scraping solutions that eliminate the necessity of creating custom scrapers and parsers. Proxies serve as intermediaries by distributing scraping load over multiple IP addresses and bypassing IP blocks and CAPTCHAs.

  • Proxies don’t extract or structure the data; they simply help to avoid blocks for companies that already have an in-house solution;

  • Scraper APIs provide a whole scraping infrastructure, making them more suitable when a company doesn’t have an in-house web scraper. 

Oxylabs’ Scraper APIs features

E-Commerce Scraper API SERP Scraper API Web Scraper API
Targets 1000+ marketplaces online Google, Baidu, Bing, Yandex Any target
Dedicated scrapers Amazon, Google Shopping, Wayfair, Universal E-Commerce Google, Baidu, Bing, Yandex Universal
Dedicated parsers – providing structured data in JSON for some of the targets and their page types. Find more details in our FAQ. Amazon, Google Shopping, Best Buy, Etsy, Target, Walmart, Wayfair Google -
Localized search results from 195 countries Country or postal code targeting Country, state, city, or coordinate-level targeting Country targeting

All Oxylabs' Scraper APIs include

Multiple delivery options

Get results via an API or to your chosen cloud storage bucket: Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage.

JavaScript rendering

Render JavaScript-based targets with just a single line of code, eliminating the need for third-party tools.

Proxy pool management

Leverage our high-quality 102M+ proxy pool to remain undetectable. Management is on us.

Auto-retry functionality

Ensure high scraping success rate with an auto-retry system for failed scraping attemps.

Advanced browser fingerprinting

Run your web scraping operations with almost zero CAPTCHAs and IP blocks.

Web Crawler

Comprehensive page discovery on websites, extracting only essential data.


Automate recurring scraping jobs with desired frequency and receive data to AWS S3 or GCS.

Custom Parser

Define your parsing logic using XPath or CSS selectors for structured data collection.

SERP Scraper API

When should you choose SERP Scraper API?

SERP Scraper API is beneficial when you need to receive real-time, highly-localized data from search engines at scale. Ensuring reliability, trust, performance, and high localization may be hard when collecting this data manually, so this is where SERP Scraper API comes into play.

How does it help?

  • Collects reliable search results data (organic results, ads, images, hotel data, suggestions, trends, top stories, etc.) from the most popular search engines in real time

  • Country, city, state, and coordinate-level targeting from 195 countries allows access to the needed search results regardless of their location in seconds.

E-Commerce Scraper API

When should you choose E-Commerce Scraper API?

To remain competitive in e-commerce, it’s essential to gather large amounts of geo-specific product data and use it to make informed business decisions. While top e-commerce targets implement anti-scraping technologies, it might be a challenge to extract public data quickly and efficiently. E-Commerce Scraper API solves this problem for you.

How does it help?

  • Handles complex page layouts and retrieves the most important data points (title, price, product description, etc.) in a convenient JSON format

  • Makes sure you spend noticeably less time cleaning and organizing the data and instead focus on optimizing your e-commerce strategies

Web Scraper API

When should you choose Web Scraper API?

Extracting large amounts of public data from websites is a complex task, especially with targets implementing anti-scraping technologies, employing JavaScript, etc. To streamline the process, it’s beneficial to implement specifically-designed web scraping solutions, such as Web Scraper API.

How does it help?

  • Extracts public data from even the most complex websites in seconds;

  • Makes such popular targets as YouTube, Tripadvisor, Yelp, Airbnb, etc., accessible regardless of where you are with 195 countries available for country-level targeting

Oxylabs' product has spared us the headache of managing our own IP blocks and proxies, saving us significant time and cost. It’s also given us peace of mind that we have a reliable solution that we are certain can scale into the future.

Representative of Pi Datametrics

Oxylabs' Scraper APIs help our clients save their time and resources

One of our biggest priorities is to make the life of our customers easier by ensuring they can focus on data analysis rather than data delivery. Therefore, we work hard to maintain the exceptional quality of our products and provide 24/7 assistance in case of any issues.

Scraper APIs Playground

In case you’re still unsure which of our Scraper APIs suits you best, you can test them as well as their dedicated scrapers and parsers on our Scraper APIs playground accessible through the dashboard.

Free trial and starting price

Sign up for a free trial and see if the product fits your project requirements! No credit card is required. The free trial lasts for 1 week and includes 5K results

All Oxylabs’ Scraper APIs start at $49/mo with the Micro plan that’s available through self-service. 

E-Commerce Scraper API

Gather data from top e-commerce marketplaces hassle-free.

SERP Scraper API

Access real-time search results from leading search engines.

Web Scraper API

Collect high-quality data from even the most complex websites.

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