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Aezakmi Proxy Integration With Oxylabs

Monika Maslauskaite


While the most popular browsers are suitable for day-to-day browsing needs, you might face some major limitations when it comes to anonymity and browser fingerprinting. Digital fingerprints help track your activities; thus, to ensure a private browsing experience, the ability to build several fingerprints combined with a proxy server comes in handy.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to boost your operations and enhance anonymity on the web by integrating Oxylabs’ Datacenter or Residential Proxies with the Aezakmi browser. 

What is Aezakmi?

Aezakmi is an anti-detection browser designed to safely work on the internet with a maximum level of anonymity. This easy-to-set-up browser allows the creation of multiple fingerprints, enabling simultaneous work using a single account. Other use cases Aezakmi covers include traffic redistribution, contextual advertising, and social media marketing. 

Integrating Oxylabs proxies with Aezakmi

Now that we’re already aware of what benefits Aezakmi browser can bring into daily business operations, let’s move on to the integration part. The overall process is relatively straightforward and is the same for both Oxylabs’ Datacenter and Residential Proxies. 

  • Create a new Aezakmi account.

  • Install Aezakmi browser. 

  • Open the application and start creating a unique browser fingerprint profile.

  • Select the parameters with which you want to generate a profile, such as the operating system, browser, screen resolution, and video card model. 

  • Click on the ‘Generate’ button. 

  • Now that the fingerprint is generated, you can add a proxy to your unique browser fingerprint profile. Activate the ‘Enable Proxy’ parameter.

  • Press the ‘Check Proxy’ button, which will set your GPS fingerprints, system language, and system time according to the IP address of the proxy server.

  • Insert the name of your fingerprint profile and save it.

  • Finally, set up your proxy settings. Insert the required proxy connection details like associated IPs protocol, address, port, and proxy user credentials. If you want to use our Datacenter Proxies, fill in the following details:

Protocol – http

Address –

Port – 60000

User – your Oxylabs sub-user name

Password – your Oxylabs sub-user password 

Note that the port number might differ depending on various factors, such as Proxy Rotator usage or whitelisting. Check out our Datacenter Proxy documentation for more information.

If you wish to use Oxylabs’ Residential Proxies, fill in the following details: 

Protocol – http

Address –

Port – 7777

User – your Oxylabs sub-user name

Password – your Oxylabs sub-user password 

That’s it! Your proxy is now up and working. Don’t forget to check your current IP address before surfing the web. 

To sum up

Combining multiple digital fingerprints and proxies can significantly improve businesses’ activities when it comes to traffic redistribution, contextual advertising, and social media marketing.

Happily, you can quickly achieve all of that by integrating Oxylabs’ Datacenter or Residential Proxies with Aezakmi anti-detection browser. There’s also a discount code for Oxylabs’ Residential Proxies if you haven’t tried them yet. Head to the Aezakmi proxy recommendations page for more details.

About the author

Monika Maslauskaite

Former Content Manager

Monika Maslauskaite is a former Content Manager at Oxylabs. A combination of tech-world and content creation is the thing she is super passionate about in her professional path. While free of work, you’ll find her watching mystery, psychological (basically, all kinds of mind-blowing) movies, dancing, or just making up choreographies in her head.

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