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Maryia Stsiopkina

Sep 17, 2021 3 min read

We at Oxylabs couldn’t wait to share the good news with you – our new product Rotating ISP Proxies is now released! Combining the best features of Residential and Datacenter Proxies, these Proxies offer a universal business solution for the most demanding scraping cases. With Rotating ISP Proxies, you can no longer worry about the session time expiring at the worst possible time or your IP getting blocked.

Let’s take a look at what makes Rotating ISP Proxies stand out from the rest proxies and how your web scraping projects can benefit from this product by Oxylabs.

What are Rotating ISP Proxies?

A Rotating ISP Proxy is an intermediary IP address hosted on a Datacenter but registered under an official Internet Service Provider (ISP). While using real IP addresses, which makes them almost undetectable, Rotating ISP Proxies operate at high Datacenter speeds. With these Proxies, you get access to a large ISP Proxies pool with a variety of IPs at your disposal. In addition, Rotating ISP Proxies offer extended sessions if you want to reuse the same IP for a longer time.

What you can do with Rotating ISP Proxies

Control session time and avoid connection errors

Short session time with numerous connection errors is a common obstacle for smooth and fruitful web scraping operations. While standard session time is 15 minutes, it is possible to increase it using Rotating ISP Proxies. Extended and stable sessions give you enough time to gather all the data you need without shutdowns. You can coherently move through all the necessary web scraping stages and collect data from various pages. The session control feature allows you to reuse the same IP multiple times for a certain duration of time.

Balance between high speed and being undetectable 

Some of the targeted websites may be in high demand and require quick and frequent requests in order to get the data as fast as possible. At the same time, making too many requests in a short period of time may be seen as suspicious by some servers and thus lead to blocking. Rotating ISP Proxies offer Datacenter speed and anonymity of Residential Proxies, making it harder for the websites to detect any scraping activity.

Crack the most tangled targets using Residential IPs

Our Rotating ISP Proxies are assigned with real IP addresses from official Internet Service Providers. It means you can access any website appearing as a real user. You can also choose which country’s IP address to use to proceed with your request. This can be done by adding the cc flag to the authorization header. With this being said, you can harvest public information even from the most complex pages. As a result, your web scraping goes smoothly and brings you actual results without any delays.

Wrapping up 

Rotating ISP Proxies are a new product by Oxylabs that can boost web scraping performance and solve the most challenging tasks. Due to their high speeds, session control functionality, and the use of residential IP addresses, they make an extremely efficient tool for your web scraping projects. Now you don’t need to choose between high speed and anonymity – simply opt for Rotating ISP Proxies by Oxylabs.

If you have any questions about Rotating ISP Proxies and how to acquire this product, contact our sales team or reach us at


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