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Learn More About Maryia Stsiopkina

Senior Content Manager at Oxylabs

Maryia Stsiopkina

Maryia Stsiopkina is a Senior Content Manager at Oxylabs. Showing a deep interest in writing and arts from a young age, she decided to turn her passion into a career. Having experimented enough with various writing jobs, from postcard wishes composing to media research papers, she settled in the tech industry. At work, Maryia particularly enjoys her content planning routine, writing blog posts, and sharing a cup of tea with her teammates.  

In her spare time, Maryia explores nature and does birdwatching - her bird list includes 90 bird species, and she is especially proud of that. Depending on her mood, you might find her either reading a book or rock climbing. When in low spirits, Maryia likes to swing (on a swing), listen to La Vie en rose, and eat pickles to cheer herself up.

AdsPower vs. Octo Browser 2024: Antidetect Browsers Comparison

Choose the best antidetect browser based on this comprehensive comparison of the AdsPower browser vs Octo Browser.


5 min read

Top Web Scraping Discord Servers

Discover the best Discord servers and proxy solutions for web scraping - join our community!


4 min read

Navigating Legal Landscapes in Web Scraping

Join Denas Grybauskas and Alex Reese on April 8th in our upcoming webinar as they unravel key legal factors.


2 min read

How to Test Proxies

How to Test Proxies: 5 Ways

This article discusses the tools that can be used to test a proxy's performance.


5 min read

How to Scrape Amazon Prices With Python

Discover comprehensive techniques for scraping Amazon prices and product information, focusing on popular items, search results, special offers, and price trends.


4 min read

How to Solve Proxy Status Error Codes

How to Solve Proxy Status Error Codes

Do you keep running into proxy errors and have no clue what is causing them? Check out this blog post to learn the most common proxy error status codes and how to fix them.


6 min read

How to Utilize Machine Learning for Better Web Scraping

Watch an insightful session with Tadas Gedgaudas, a seasoned developer at Oxylabs, to discover the transformative power of machine learning in web scraping.


2 min read

Optimize Inventory Level Tracking With Scraper APIs

Make sure to secure a slot in your schedule on February 21, 2024, to join us for an insightful webinar hosted by Aleksandras Šulženko, Product Owner at Oxylabs.


1 min read

15 Best Proxy Browsers for Online Privacy in 2024

15 Best Proxy Browsers for Online Privacy in 2024

Discover the leading proxy browsers of 2024. Whether you prioritize security features or seek user-friendly interfaces, pick the best option for your online activities.


17 min read

How to Track Prices With Python

Learn to build a functional price scraper for the Target e-commerce store to access the freshest information about price drops and stay competitive.


4 min read

Incogniton vs. Multilogin 2024: Antidetect Browsers Comparison

Incogniton and Multilogin are both anti-detect browsers. However, they differ across many parameters. Let’s figure out which one is more reliable.


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How to Build Walmart Price Tracker With Python

Check out this extensive technical tutorial to build your own Walmart price tracker with Python. Learn how to parse pricing data and create a price alert.


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SERP Scraper API Quick Start Guide

SERP Scraper API Quick Start Guide

In this quick start guide, you'll find information on SERP Scraper API. You'll learn how it works, its technical features, and how to get started with this data gathering tool.


3 min read

Meet us at the Black Hat Europe Conference in London!

Don't miss out on the Black Hat Europe 2023 conference and see our Chief Commercial Officer Tomas Montvilas deliver an insightful presentation on the “Developing Effective Internal Threat Monitoring Systems” topic.


1 min read

Scraping Amazon Product Data With Python: A Complete Guide

Build an efficient Amazon scraper from scratch with the help of this step-by-step practical tutorial.


8 min read

How to Scrape E-Commerce Websites With Python

Read this article to learn how you can extract e-commerce data from product pages while avoiding any antibot protection or CAPTCHA without writing a complex script.


3 min read

Take Your Geo-Targeting to the Next Level With Our New Coordinates Feature!

A brand new free coordinate-level targeting feature is now available with Residential and Mobile Proxies. Check this blog post to learn more!


1 min read

Residential Proxies Quick Start Guide

Curious to learn all about our Residential Proxies? This quick start guide will provide all the information you need to get up and running.


3 min read

Web Scraping With Java

In this article, you will learn how to use the Java programming language for web scraping and create a web scraper using this language.


8 min read

Meet Us at the Travel Tech Asia Conference in Singapore!

Meet us at the Travel Tech Asia conference in Singapore on October 25-27 to see Oxylabs CSO Lauris Lietavieti deliver a C-Suite talk titled “Real-Time Public Data for Competitive Advantage in the Travel Industry.”


1 min read

OxyCon 2023: The Top Takeaways

If you couldn’t make it to the conference or want to experience the thrill again, let’s revisit its best moments in a brief event summary.


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How to Scrape Yellow Pages Data With Python

Explore this in-depth, step-by-step technical tutorial to scrape Yellow Pages data with Python efficiently.


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Scrapy Cloud: How to Use, Manage & Maximize Spider Execution

Scrapy Cloud: How to Use, Manage & Maximize Spider Execution

Check this article to learn more about web scraping with Scrapy Cloud: how it works, how to set it up, and if there are any alternatives.


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How to Use ChatGPT for Web Scraping in 2024

How to Use ChatGPT for Web Scraping in 2024

ChatGPT web scraping is quickly gaining momentum. Let’s see how you can use ChatGPT to write code for web scraping, along with some tips and tricks.


5 min read

Web Scraping Together: Unleash Community Benefits

If you're wondering how to stay up-to-date in the ever-changing world of web scraping, make valuable connections, and improve your tech expertise, check out this blog post about the benefits of web scraping communities.


2 min read

Oxylabs Launches Custom Parser

We're excited to introduce a new feature of Scraper APIs, Custom Parser. Check this blog post to learn how it can facilitate your parsing jobs.


1 min read

How to Bypass CAPTCHA With Puppeteer

Check this technical tutorial to learn how to bypass CAPTCHA with Puppeteer and an advanced AI-based tool, Web Unblocker.


4 min read

Open-Source Intelligence to Boost Your Business: ESPY's Guide

Check this step-by-step guide where Oxylabs' affiliate partner ESPY shares how to leverage open-source intelligence to grow your business.


2 min read

How to Parse XML in Python

How to Parse XML in Python

Check this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to parse XML data in Python, what libraries you should use, how to handle invalid XML, and more.


6 min read

Best Integration Methods

Best Integration Methods Inside Out

Need help deciding what integration method to use? Check this article to learn about primary Scraper APIs integration methods, their key advantages, and some helpful tips.


5 min read

Web Scraping with Scrapy: Python Tutorial

This technical tutorial will walk you through the key steps of web scraping with Scrapy.


5 min read

Oxylabs Webinar: Large-Scale Web Scraping - Never Get Blocked Again

Oxylabs hosted a webinar to share the most efficient techniques to unblock public content from the most complex targets. Additionally, we presented how our new proxy solution works.


1 min read

Web Scraping with Rust

In this practical tutorial, you'll learn how to create a web scraper using Rust and collect public product data from an e-commerce website.


6 min read

How to Estimate and Reduce Data Collection Costs

Let's take a look at the key factors influencing data acquisition costs, and discuss ways to reduce these expenses.


7 min read

Real-Time Online Media Monitoring Infrastructure

This white paper will walk you through the critical stages of the online media monitoring process.


1 min read

Hard Data vs. Soft Data

Hard Data vs. Soft Data: The Difference

While being so different, hard and soft data can complement one another in significant ways when it comes to business data analysis and forecasting. Read this blog post to learn more.


7 min read

Choosing the Right Scraping Solution in 2022: Essentials You Need to Know

As public web data collection and analysis grow more integral to many companies across various industries, automated data gathering tools prove themselves as indispensable assistants in this challenging task. Check out this white paper to learn more!


1 min read

Dashboard Update: Maximizing User Experience

Now Oxylabs dashboard is empowered with a new convenient overview and navigation. Make sure to test it yourself!


2 min read

What Is Affiliate Fraud and How to Prevent It?

In this blog post, we’ll discuss affiliate fraud and the most common methods fraudsters use. We’ll also explain how to identify fraud and tips for not falling victim to malicious actors.


7 min read

What Is Sentiment Analysis?

In this article, you will learn what sentiment analysis is, how it can benefit market research and brand monitoring, and how it works.


10 min read

HTTP vs. HTTPS: What Is the Difference?

This article discusses the differences between HTTP and HTTPS protocols, their security parameters, and the steps you should take to switch from HTTP to HTTPS.


5 min read

Rotating ISP Proxies: Be in Control of Your Scraping Sessions

We at Oxylabs couldn’t wait to share the good news with you - our new product Rotating ISP Proxies is now released! Read this article to learn what makes Rotating ISP Proxies stand out from the rest proxies and how your web scraping projects can benefit from this product by Oxylabs.


2 min read

What is Firmographic Data? Everything You Need to Know

Firmographic data can provide valuable insight for business-to-business marketers. Read this article to learn what benefits it brings and how it can be acquired.


6 min read

Data-Driven Marketing: How Big Data Helps Make Business Decisions

This article discusses how big data is changing marketing and the process of decision-making. Learn what data-driven marketing is and its main benefits and use cases.


5 min read

OxyCon 2021: The Top Takeaways From Day Two

The OxyCon 2021 web scraping conference has come to an end but provided us with good food for thought. Read this article summarising the top takeaways from Day Two.


6 min read

WebSocket vs HTTP: The Differences

This article discusses the differences between WebSocket and HTTP and their use cases.


6 min read

What Is Financial Data?

This article will discuss different types of financial data, their use cases, and financial data management and analysis tools.


6 min read

ML-Based Adaptive Parser Is Now In Production

Oxylabs is happy to announce that Adaptive Parser is now at full blast! With AI-powered Adaptive Parser, our clients can unlock structured data from any e-commerce page. Read more!


2 min read

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