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14 Best Proxy Browsers for Online Privacy in 2024

Maryia Stsiopkina

Maryia Stsiopkina

2024-01-0817 min read

Whether your goal is to enhance your digital privacy, access blocked websites, or handle multiple accounts more effectively, there’s one thing you can’t go without - a proxy browser. By concealing your IP address, proxy browsers grant access to the desired content and provide an extra layer of privacy. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the 14 most popular proxy browsers and compare their features, ranging from price to user interface. 

1. Dolphin Anty

Dolphin Anty stands out as a strong player in the anti-detect browser sector. Initially designed for affiliate marketing and social media advertising, this browser has expanded its usage to cryptocurrency ventures, overseeing advertising agencies and e-commerce platforms, and more. 

Security and anonymity: Dolphin Anty can successfully pass checkers due to its unique browser fingerprints, stable user-agents, built-in proxy server IPs, and IP rotation functionality. 

Free version: A free trial is available with 10 browser profiles enabled and no expiration date. 

Managing proxies: With Dolphin Anty, users can conveniently manage cookies in bulk and integrate proxies

User-friendly interface: While it may be challenging for newbies to navigate, overall, Dolphin Anty is acclaimed for its straightforward and intuitive interface. Notably, it allows assigning statuses (notes) to each browser profile. 

Pricing plans

Dolphin offers 4 pricing options:

Base - $89 per month, up to 100 browser profiles.

Team - $159 per month, up to 300 browser profiles.

Enterprise - $299 per month, up to 1000 browser profiles.

Custom plan - for 10 000+ profiles. 

Note: You’ll get a 20% discount if billed half-yearly. 

Speed and performance: Dolphin Anty is reported to be swift and fast by many users. 

Compatibility: Dolphin works on Windows, macOS, macOS(M1), and Linux.

Customer support and reviews: Users can get timely online support on the Dolphin’s official website or Telegram channel.  

Most of Dolphin's reviews come from Telegram. Users especially highlight usability with the notes and bookmark functionality, as well as speed and performance. 

PROMO CODE: Use code OXYLABS during registration to get 10 permanent profiles and -20% off any Dolphin Anty plan.

2. Gologin

GoLogin is a robust antidetect browser designed for multi-account management. It enables users to mimic all visible browser settings, effectively concealing their digital fingerprint and emulating natural user behavior to avoid detection by websites.

Security and anonymity: Gologin provides high security by encrypting profiles and offering various unique browser fingerprints. 

Free version: A 7-day free trial with full access to all features. 

Managing proxies: GoLogin prioritizes seamless proxy integration, going the extra mile to simplify the process. It stands out as the only service providing free proxies for a secure browsing experience. Additionally, step-by-step videos are available to guide users in integrating the top proxy providers with GoLogin. 

User-friendly interface: GoLogin offers a minimalistic interface, enhancing user navigation and operation. Essential elements like status, notes, tags, and proxy information are prominently displayed, while additional features are conveniently organized under various tabs and sections.

Pricing plans

GoLogin offers 4 pricing plans: 

Professional -  $49/month, 100 profiles, no team members.

Business - $99/month, 300 profiles, 10 team members.

Enterprise - $199/month, 1000 profiles, 20 team members.

Custom - from $299/mo, from 2000 profiles, 20 team members.

Note: If billed yearly, you get a 50% discount.

Standard features included in all plans: Free proxies, encrypted profiles, cloud web version, Android app, REST API access, database of browser fingerprints, and more.

Speed and performance: While Gologin can successfully pass fingerprint checkers in most cases, sometimes it might lack speed. 

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux.

Customer support and reviews: GoLogin provides customer support through a wide array of channels, including live chat, email, phone, Messenger, and Telegram.

Its Trustpilot rating is 4.1 stars based on 100+ reviews, and its G2 rating is 4.8 stars based on 4 reviews. Gologin users mainly praise it for safety and data management.

PROMO CODE: Use code OXYLABS to get 20% off the next GoLogin plan purchase.

3. Octo Browser

Primarily designed for multi-accounting, Octo Browser comes with a handful of features, such as fingerprint management, teamwork, API automation, and more. 

Security and anonymity: Equipped with privacy features and an integrated VPN, Octo Browser allows users to navigate the web safely. Due to the spoofing of all trackable fingerprint parameters and a customizable number of virtual profiles, websites will have difficulty detecting and tracking your device and data. 

Free version: Not available. 

Managing proxies: Octo Browser supports the most common proxy types, including HTTPS, SOCKS5, and SSH. It also facilitates the use of third-party proxy management tools and has a handy interface for linking your profiles with proxies, enabling you to mass import and save proxies, check status, and automate your proxy routines through API integration. Octo Browser has a built-in proxy checker, auto-completing, and no limits to proxy sharing with your teammates. 

User-friendly interface: In the Learning Center, users can find detailed documentation and clear video tutorials in different languages to help newbies get started with Octo Browser. However, one of the significant drawbacks is the absence of folders in the browser, which can be a hindrance to effective teamwork. Instead of folders, Octo has tags, and they are limited in number. 

Pricing plans

Octo Browser offers 5 pricing plans:

Starter - €29/month, 10 profiles, 3 tags, unlimited devices, proxy manager.

Base -  €79/month, 100 profiles, 10 tags, unlimited devices, proxy manager, 2 profile templates, access to the API (RPM 50, RPH 500), profile transfer.

Team - €169/month, 350 profiles, 30 tags, unlimited devices, proxy manager, 5 profile templates, access to the API (RPM 100, RPH 1500), profile transfer, 3 team members.

Advanced - €329/month, 1200 profiles, 100 tags, unlimited devices, proxy manager, 10 profile templates, access to the API (RPM 200, RPH 3000), profile transfer, 8 team members.

Custom - 429+/month, custom profiles, custom tags, unlimited devices, proxy manager, custom templates, access to the API (RPM, RPH custom), profile transfer, custom team.

Note: You can get a 10% discount if billed every 3 months, 20% - half-yearly, and 30% - yearly. 

Speed and performance: This proxy browser is known for its relatively fast response speed and very few lags and crashes. 

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux. 

Customer support and reviews: Octo Browser offers online support on Telegram, as well as a bunch of extra documentation, including Getting Started video tutorials and a Learning Center. 

On G2, Octo Browser has 4.5 stars, according to 17 reviews. Users emphasize good customer support, an intuitive interface, and fast speed. Among the cons, users mentioned the absence of the Octo mobile app.

PROMO CODE: OXYLABS23. The first 50 users to apply the promo code will receive 5 days of BASE subscription for free. Subsequent promo codes give you 3 free days of BASE subscription. For new users only!

4. Browserless

Browserless is a browser-as-a-service for the most complex data collection tasks, PDF generation, testing, and headless browser automation.

Security and anonymity: Browserless doesn’t store any sensitive information and encrypts user data. Users can also have enhanced bot detection avoidance depending on the pricing plan. 

Free version: A free plan is available. 

Managing proxies: Browserless supports third-party proxies and has detailed instructions on how to set them up. Also, it provides its own private proxy server. 

User-friendly interface: Since Browserless requires coding knowledge, it may not be the best choice for beginners. 

Pricing plans

Starter - $50/month, hosted Javascript-enabled browsers, enhanced bot detection avoidance, 40,000 units per month, $0.0019 per unit overages, hosted on our shared cloud, up to 1,000 concurrent browsers, multi-browser support, residential proxy (6 units per MB of traffic), email support.

Scale - $200/month, hosted Javascript-enabled browsers, enhanced bot detection avoidance, 180,000 units per month, $0.0017 per unit overages, hosted on our shared cloud, up to 1,000 concurrent browsers, multi-browser support, residential proxy (6 units per MB of traffic), email support.

Enterprise - this plan includes 3 sub-plans, each with a custom price:

  • Dedicated Cloud - private cloud with 24/7 workers, charged per worker, enhanced security via hardware separation.

  • Self Hosted - host in your own cloud or on-prem, charged per unit, no callbacks or data-sharing. 

  • All Enterprise - priority video support and setup assistance for both options, advanced APIs (workspace, caching, and downloads), run hybrid automation with manual user input, view live sessions to watch automation running, SSO capabilities. 

Speed and performance: Browserless is known to be relatively fast due to not having to manage Chrome or other browsers. 

Compatibility: Puppeteer, Selenium, WebDriver.

Customer support and reviews: Paid plan users can get support via email. 

Browserless isn’t presented on any of the popular review platforms. However, website reviews suggest that the users are happy with the technical features, stability, and performance of the service.  

5. AdsPower

AdsPower is one of the most popular anti-detect solutions serving multiple sectors, from affiliate marketing to e-commerce. 

Security and anonymity: AdsPower has a built-in VPN and encrypts data, its transmission, and servers. It also offers such privacy and security features as IP rotation, user-agent spoofing, phishing protection, fingerprint concealing, and ad blocker. All these parameters make AdsPower a reliable browser for those concerned with privacy online. 

Free version: AdsPower offers a free version with 2 browser profiles available. 

Managing Proxies: Even though AdsPower offers multiple proxy integration guides with the major proxy providers, the proxy managing process appears to be rather counterintuitive and time-consuming. Such basic actions as creating profiles or switching proxies require numerous clicks and oftentimes trigger intrusive pop-up windows. 

User-friendly interface: AdsPower’s interface might be seen as rather confusing even by more experienced users. Some of its elements appear to be overloaded with information or even outdated. Therefore, it’d take some time and practice to familiarize oneself with this proxy browser. 

Pricing plans  

Before introducing the 3 AdsPower pricing plans, let’s take a look at the features available for each pricing plan.

Common features: Firefox-based browser, browser fingerprint control

profile sync across your computers, account import via login/password or cookies, integration with all HTTP(S), SOCKS5 & SSH proxies, mobile environment simulation, remote training, extensions use from the Extensions menu, extensions upload, RPA robot (5000 points for free).

Base - $9/month, 10 profiles, operation log, team management, profile sharing, local API, real-person support. 

Pro - $50/month, 100 profiles, all Base features, profile recycle bin, profile storage (for additional payment), automatic proxy matching.

Custom - access to all features, customized profiles and team, dedicated consulting service. 

Note: Clients get 40% off if billed annually. 

Speed and performance: Built on a Chromium-based platform, AdsPower features high performance and fast loading times.   

Compatibility: macOS, Windows. 

Customer support and reviews: AdsPower users can get help online or via a dedicated account manager if it’s included in the pricing plan. 

The Trustpilot rating is 4.7 stars based on 238 reviews. Users have mainly positive feedback regarding the product quality and customer service. 

PROMO CODE: Use code ADSOXY when purchasing Base, Pro, or Custom plans to get up to 25% off your payments.

6. BitBrowser 

BitBrowser is a proxy browser featuring isolated Chrome-based instances, particularly useful for affiliate marketing, web scraping, and brand protection, allowing the operation of a large number of accounts in batches.

Security and anonymity: BitBrowser has various privacy features in place, including the most recent encryption protocols, ad-blocker, anti-tracking, and anti-association mechanisms. For fingerprint spoofing, the browser uses such techniques as manipulation of user-agent strings, cookies, IP addresses, and other information that can lead to detection and tracking. For extra layers of security, users can implement independent proxies. 

When it comes to multi-account security, BitBrowser creates an environment enabling users to work with different accounts at the same time, each having its own isolated window. 

Free version: Before committing to a subscription, users can test BitBrowser’s free version with 10 open browsers and 1 team member included. 

Managing Proxies: BitBrowser supports most proxy types and has the automatic proxy IP matching feature. See a detailed BitBrowser proxy integration tutorial for more information.

User-friendly interface: BitBrowser features an intuitive dashboard and convenient access to all settings and information. BitBrowser is Chromium-based, and its interface incorporates familiar keyboard shortcuts and customizable tabs. Yet, it still might be challenging for beginners and requires learning how to use it efficiently. 

Pricing plans: 

BitBrowser offers 4 regular plans and a custom one:

Package A (free) - 10 open browsers, 1 team member, support API, account privacy/cookies login, batch import/export. 

Package B - $10/month, 50 open browsers, 2 team members, support API, team management/member authorization, automatically match proxy IP. 

Package C - $15/month, 100 open browsers, 4 team members, support API, support all browser fingerprinting, full application center.

Package D - $20/month, 200 open browsers, 8 team members, support API, professional customer service and technical support, shared environment, and security lock.

More custom packages - custom price, 100,000+ open browsers, 200+ team members, support API, personal account manager, customized solutions.

Speed and performance: Since BitBrowser is Chromium-based, it tends to prioritize speed and performance. It actively employs such techniques as compression and caching to improve the page loading speed. These features guarantee quick and uninterrupted access to the web content, meaning you can perform demanding online tasks. While BitBrowser works well enough running on Windows or macOS, its performance is the best when paired with Chrome OS. 

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Chrome OS. 

Customer support and reviews: Clients can get support via phone or social media mobile chat apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and WeChat. Unfortunately, their support is not 24/7 and works according to Hong Kong’s schedule. Additionally, BitBrowser offers support documentation, such as Q&A, blog notes, fingerprint support, and more. However, the documentation is quite limited, especially in English. 

BitBrowser is not presented on any of the international review platforms, such as G2 or Trustpilot, which makes it difficult to collect genuine customer reviews. 

7. Mulogin

Mulogin is one more tool to create numerous unique fingerprint browsers. 

Security and anonymity: Mulogin has implemented multiple security measures, including data leakage prevention, anti-tracking, and fingerprint parameter customization. Also, Mulogin employs sophisticated encryption algorithms to safeguard account information, passwords, cookies, and other confidential data. 

Free version: Mulogin offers a 3-day free trial for all newly registered users. 

Managing proxies: Mulogin supports third-party proxies and provides extensive documentation on integrating and setting them up. 

User-friendly interface: Mulogin’s interface is believed to be quite minimalist and intuitive, making it easy to perform daily tasks. 

Pricing plans: 

Personal -  $59/month, save up to 100 browser profiles, 1 sub-account included, unlimited unique fingerprint profiles, share profiles, transfer profiles, batch create profiles, REST API.

Solo - $99/month, save up to 200 browser profiles, 5 sub-accounts included, unlimited unique fingerprint profiles, share an unlimited number of profiles, transfer profiles, batch create profiles, REST API.

Team - $209/month, save up to 500 browser profiles, 10 sub-accounts included, unlimited unique fingerprint profiles, share unlimited profiles, transfer profiles, batch create profiles, REST API.

Scale - $499/month, save up to 3000 browser profiles, 20 sub-accounts included, unlimited unique fingerprint profiles, share unlimited profiles, transfer profiles, batch create profiles, REST API.

Custom - everything’s customized. 

Speed and performance: Mulogin is stable and fast, with very few lags. 

Compatibility: Windows.

Customer support and reviews: Mulogin customer support can be reached via WeChat, Telegram, Skype, and email. 

On Trustpilot, Mulogin has 4 stars based on a total of 7 reviews. Most of the users praise its security and performance. However, one user mentioned that one of their accounts was compromised.  

8. MoreLogin

MoreLogin is a browser designed for anti-detection purposes, enabling the management of numerous accounts and collaboration within a team through permission management.

Security and anonymity: MoreLogin’s capability to generate thousands of browser profiles on a single computer makes it possible to secure logins to individual accounts within each browser. Each profile functions as a distinct physical device, reducing the likelihood of account suspension.

Free version: A free trial is available, granting 2 user profiles. 

Managing proxies: MoreLogin provides a smooth experience through its close integration with proxies, enabling users to effortlessly acquire premium proxies from its store and seamlessly incorporate them into the platform.

User-friendly interface: The MoreLogin user interface is simple and intuitive, and you don't need any technical expertise. 

Pricing plans

Free - 2 profiles, 2 users, safe and antidetect browser profiles, exclusive IP under unique profile support, all online tracking avoidance, independent account access authorization, safe and stable proxy available for purchase,

Local API, browser automation with Selenium or Puppeteer. 

Base - €9/month, 10 profiles, 2 users, all features included in Free plan, customized profile purchase, online technical support.

Custom - everything’s customized. 

Compatibility: Windows, MacOS. 

Speed and performance: On average, MoreLogin is quite fast but can be laggy sometimes. 

Customer support and reviews: Users can receive help via Telegram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. 

MoreLogin has 4.5 stars based on 24 reviews on Trustpilot. Users mainly value its anti-detect features and user-friendly design. 

PROMO CODE: Use code Oxylabs to get 30% off your MoreLogin purchase for any plan.

9. Multilogin

Multilogin is known as a reliable solution for virtual browser profile creation. It’s primarily used for web scraping, automation, and multi-accounting. 

Security and anonymity: 

Multilogin emphasizes a "paranoid-level security system" incorporating security measures like password hashing to encrypt user passwords and ensure they are never transmitted in plain text to Multilogin's servers. The use of the AES cipher further safeguards client account data, with each session individually encrypted using the master password before sending cookies to cloud storage. This approach prevents potential hackers from reading stored information, enhancing the security of one’s online activities. 

Free version: Not available. 

Managing proxies: With Multilogin, you can easily integrate and verify proxies regardless of the pricing plan. 

User-friendly interface: Overall, Multilogin offers a minimalist interface without any prompts, overlays, or buttons. This is an advantage for more experienced users and a disadvantage for beginners. 

Pricing plans: 

First, let’s see the standard features available for all plans: Mimic and Stealthfox privacy browsers, custom browser fingerprints based on real-user data, easy proxy integration and verification, open API and knowledge center, browser automation with Playwright (Mimic only), Selenium Hardened and Puppeteer Hardened, 24/7 in-app live chat and email support. 

Multilogin offers the following pricing plans

Solo - €99/month, 100 locally and cloud-stored browser profiles, no team member seats available.

Team - €199/month, 300 locally and cloud-stored browser profiles, 3 team member seats available.

Scale - €399/month, 1000 locally and cloud-stored browser profiles, 7 team member seats available.

Note: If billed annually, you get 25% off regardless of the pricing plan. 

Speed and performance: In most cases, Multilogin passes checkers successfully and offers high speed. 

Compatibility: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, macOS Ventura, macOS Monterey, macOS Big Sur, macOS Catalina, Linux Ubuntu 22, Linux Ubuntu 20, Linux Ubuntu 18.

Customer support and reviews: Clients can receive support over a live chat or email, and the response time is quite short. 

Multilogin is reviewed on Trustpilot and G2, receiving a Trustpilot rating of 4.4 based on 68 reviews. Users appreciate the product's quality and customer support. Negative experiences are associated with issues in the billing system, invoice management, IP leakage, and bugs. On G2, Multilogin holds a solid 4.8-star rating from 14 reviews, primarily positive, although recent 2023 reviews indicate ongoing concerns with the billing system that has yet to be resolved by Multilogin.

PROMO CODE: Oxylabs offers an exclusive deal – you can get 50% off on your first Multilogin purchase with the following code: OXYMLA

10. Lalicat

Lalicat is another proxy browser designed to handle multiple accounts by generating virtual browsers with distinct fingerprints.

Security and anonymity: Unlike some other browsers on this list, Lalicat doesn’t have a built-in VPN. However, it still keeps the basic features of an anti-detect browser, the main one being browser fingerprint simulation. It’s mainly achieved by making isolated cookies and local storage for each browser profile. 

Free version: A 3-day free trial for all new users without feature limitations is available. 

Managing Proxies: Lalicat allows for quick proxy connection and easy management and provides detailed instructions

User-friendly interface: Lalicat’s user interface is rather refined, with accentuated visual designs and smooth navigation. 

Pricing plans

The Lalicat proxy browser offers 4 pricing plans and a custom one:

Personal - $59/month, for personal use, 100 saved profiles, 1 free sub-account.

Solo - $99/month, for a small team, 200 saved profiles, 5 sub-accounts, creating fingerprint profiles in bulk, profiles transfer, REST API, and Cli. 

Team - $209/month,  for a medium size team, 500 saved profiles, 10 sub-accounts, creating fingerprint profiles in bulk, profiles transfer, REST API, and Cli. 

Scale - $499/month, for a large team, 3000 saved profiles, 20 sub-accounts, creating fingerprint profiles in bulk, profiles transfer, REST API, and Cli. 

Custom - everything is customizable. 

Note: If billed with a 3-month payment, you get an extra 7-day bonus, a 6-month payment - an extra 1-month bonus, yearly - 25% off. 

Compatibility: Windows. 

Customer support and reviews: You can reach out to customer support via a form on the official website, Skype, Telegram, or email. 

Lalicat is present on Trustpilot, with a 4.1 rating based on 11 reviews. Customers highlight reliability, a large number of user-agents, good compatibility, ease of use, and comprehensive video tutorials. Among the negative comments, trouble activating the account and no refund were mentioned. 

11. VMLogin

VMLogin is another tool for crafting virtual browser profiles. With this browser, users can manage browser fingerprinting and facilitate web automation. 

Security and anonymity: VMLogin prevents website tracking with the help of such technologies as blocking ad tracking, browser fingerprint spoofing, IP address concealing, and altering other traceable browser and device parameters. 

To guarantee advanced encryption and user data protection, VMLogin securely encrypts data transmission and storage. For data leakage prevention, the browser ensures that each profile’s data is isolated and completely independent from the rest. 

Free version: Users can get a 3-day trial with full access to all functions.

Proxy management: VMLogin provides simple proxy integration when creating a profile. 

User-friendly interface: The VMLogin browser offers a straightforward interface designed for new users, facilitating easy navigation and swift user experience. 

Pricing plans

VMLogin has the following pricing plans to offer: 

Solo - $99/month, 200 browser profiles, 5 sub-accounts creation, unlimited unique fingerprints, batch browser profiles creation, batch cookie import/export, browser profiles share, browser profiles transfer, basic REST API. 

Team - $209/month, 500 browser profiles, 10 sub-accounts creation, unlimited unique fingerprints, batch browser profiles creation, batch cookie import/export, browser profiles share, browser profiles transfer, basic REST API. 

Scale - $499/month, 3000 browser profiles, 20 sub-accounts creation, unlimited unique fingerprints, batch browser profiles creation, batch cookie import/export, browser profiles share, browser profiles transfer, advanced REST API. 

Custom - everything’s customizable based on your needs. 

Speed and performance: With a robust rendering engine, VMLogin can quickly load web pages and sustain a stable operational speed.

Compatibility: Windows. 

Customer support and reviews: VMLogin’s customer support appears to be one of the weak suits as it’s available via Skype, Telegram, and email only at specific times of the day. 

Due to a lack of customer reviews online, it’s hard to say what the general user experience is with this browser. 

12. Tor Browser

Tor Browser is one of the old-timers among tools dedicated to safe and anonymous browsing. Being a non-profit organization, the Tor Project aims to maintain the online privacy of internet users. 

Security and anonymity: Tor secures user activities online by isolating website visits and anti-tracking measures. The browser automatically clears browsing history and cookies. Additionally, the user traffic goes through three encryption levels, including the Tor network and independent servers. 

Proxy management: Tor is compatible with HTTP and SOCKS proxies, with a simple integration process. Also, Tor has its own network settings for proxy servers. 

Free version: Tor is completely free, but you can make donations to support the project. 

User-friendly interface: Tor’s interface reminds of Firefox and displays a search bar, tabs, and a navigation toolbar with icons for common and extra functions. Overall, the interface is clear, intuitive, and easy to use. 

Speed and performance: At times, Tor can be slower than other browsers, all due to over a million users and only 6000 relays to route all traffic. 

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android. 

Customer support and reviews: Tor users can get support in extensive FAQs and a Tor forum, as well as such messengers as Telegram, WhatsApp, and Signal.

Since Tor is a non-profit project, it’s not presented on any of the review platforms. Some online sources and reviews deem it to be a somewhat reliable browser for maintaining online privacy. 

13. Opera Browser

Opera is a multi-platform browser for enhanced privacy and security. 

Security and anonymity: Opera comes with Free and Pro VPN features, both integrated into the browser. Additionally, Opera encrypts all traffic. Also, it features a specialized tracker blocker aimed at preventing third-party tools known for unauthorized data access. 

Managing proxies: Opera browser offers straightforward proxy settings and easy proxy management. 

Free version: Opera is completely free of charge but includes some paid features. 

User-friendly interface: Opera is user-friendly but may seem less intuitive compared to Chrome or Edge. Notably, the search bar isn't centrally located, and new tabs are opened through the top header. However, the main page's central space introduces essential features, and Opera's preinstallation on many devices simplifies setup. Social media app access is convenient, with shortcuts on the left-side menu.

Speed and performance: Opera’s privacy and anti-tracking features come together to not only keep your data safe but also reduce the load time, lighten the load on your CPU and RAM, and boost the overall performance of your device.

Compatibility: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android. 

Customer support and reviews: Opera doesn’t offer live support, only FAQs and help pages. 

On G2, Opera has 4.2 stars based on 173 reviews. Some of the advantages mentioned by the users are ad blocking, user-friendly interface, VPN features, ease of use, and fast speed. As for the disadvantages, users expressed dissatisfaction with slow loading and performance, as well as browser compatibility issues. 

14. is mainly a VPN, but they offer a free web proxy service. 

Security and anonymity: While the proxy is swift, it lacks the robust security of a VPN, meaning user data remains unencrypted and should be used solely for accessing blocked websites. 

Free version: is a free proxy service; however, the VPN service offers a variety of pricing plans. 

User-friendly interface: This web proxy doesn’t require any installation. All you have to do is just type in the website address on the page. 

Customer support and reviews: offers online support and knowledge base materials. 

While the proxy feature doesn’t have dedicated reviews, the VPN provider is rated very highly on Trustpilot - 4.9 stars based on 623 reviews.

Browser features compared

Proxy browser Security and anonymity Managing proxies Interface Speed and performance
Dolphin Anty Unique fingerprints, stable user-agents, built-in proxies Convenient bulk management Acclaimed for straightforward interface Swift and fast
Gologin Profile encryption and advanced browser fingerprinting Free proxies and seamless integration Easy navigation and operation Sometimes lacks speed
Octo Browser Integrated VPN, trackable parameters spoofing Supports common proxy types, third-party tools No folders for easier management Relatively fast response
Browserless Encryption, bot detection avoidance Supports third-party proxies, private proxy server Requires coding knowledge Known for fast speed
AdsPower VPN, encryption, IP rotation, user-agent spoofing The proxy setting process is a bit counterintuitive Confusing interface High performance
BitBrowser Encryption protocols, ad-blocker, anti-tracking Supports most proxy types, automatic IP matching Intuitive dashboard Prioritizes speed, especially with Chrome OS
Mulogin Encryption algorithms, anti-tracking Supports third-party proxies Minimalist and intuitive Stable and fast
MoreLogin Account isolation, anti-detection Seamless integration with proxy resources Simple and intuitive Can be laggy sometimes
Multilogin Password hashing, AES cipher Easy integration and verification Suitable for experienced users High speed
Lalicat Browser fingerprint simulation Quick proxy connection, easy management Refined interface Not specified
VMLogin Blocking ad tracking, fingerprint spoofing Simple proxy integration Straightforward interface Quick loading
Tor Browser Encryption through the Tor network, anti-tracking Compatible with HTTP and SOCKS proxies Firefox-like interface Can be slower due to the network structure
Opera Browser VPN, tracker blocker, encryption Straightforward proxy settings User-friendly with some variations Privacy features improve performance VPN-like security, unencrypted data in proxy Not specified Simple web address input Swift

Other parameters compared 

Proxy browser Free version Starting price Compatibility Customer support & reviews
Dolphin Anty Free trial with 10 profiles Base - $89/month Windows, macOS, Linux Online support, Telegram reviews
Gologin 7-day free trial Professional - $49/month Windows, macOS, Linux Customer support via messengers and email; 4.1 rating on Trustpilot, 4.8 - on G2
Octo Browser Not available Starter - €29/month Windows, macOS, Linux Online support, 4.5 stars on G2
Browserless Free plan available Starter - $50/month Puppeteer, Selenium. WebDriver. Email support, isn’t presented on review platforms
AdsPower Free version with 2 profiles Base - $9/month macOS, Windows Online support and account manager support, Trustpilot rating is 4.7
BitBrowser Free version with 10 browsers Package B - $10/month Windows, macOS, Chrome OS Support via phone, social media chat; not presented on review platforms
Mulogin 3-day free trial Personal - $59 (100 profiles) Windows WeChat, Telegram, Skype, email support, 4 stars on Trustpilot
MoreLogin Free trial with 2 profiles Base -9$/month Windows, MacOS Messenger support, 4.5 stars on Trustpilot
Multilogin Not available Solo - €99/month Windows, MacOS, Linux Live chat, email support, 4.4 on Trustpilot, 4.8 on G2
Lalicat 3-day free trial Personal - $59/month Windows Online form, Skype, Telegram, email support, 4.1 on Trustpilot
VMLogin 3-day trial with 5 profiles Solo - $99/month Windows Skype, Telegram, email support, no customer reviews
Tor Browser Completely free Free - $0 Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android FAQs, Tor forum, messengers support
Opera Browser Completely free Free - $0 Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android FAQs, no live support, 4.2 on G2 Free web proxy available Proxy - Free Web-based Online support, no reviews

Wrapping up

In this comprehensive comparison of 14 proxy web browsers in 2024, we delved into their distinctive features. From Dolphin Anty's expanded usage to Octo Browser's multi-accounting focus and the security of AdsPower, these browsers cater to diverse needs. Whether it's the user-friendly interfaces of Mulogin and MoreLogin or the privacy commitment of Tor Browser, each option has something unique to offer. So, explore the features, find what suits your preferences, and boost your browsing experience.

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Maryia Stsiopkina

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  • 1. Dolphin Anty

  • 2. Gologin

  • 3. Octo Browser

  • 4. Browserless

  • 5. AdsPower

  • 6. BitBrowser 

  • 7. Mulogin

  • 8. MoreLogin

  • 9. Multilogin

  • 10. Lalicat

  • 11. VMLogin

  • 12. Tor Browser

  • 13. Opera Browser

  • 14.

  • Browser features compared

  • Other parameters compared 

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