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Aug 14, 2019 5 min read

Protecting your company from various online threats must become a priority as the issue of cybersecurity threats is only growing. The cyber attacks are becoming a lot more sophisticated, and data breaches more effective. However, correspondingly, so are the security measures. However, the right choices need to be made. 

When putting up correct defenses, future threats can be detected and taken care of. And building a proxy infrastructure is the most common and reliable way in terms of brand protection. In this article, we’ll go over the topics of:

Best Means for Brand Protection #1

The alarming extent of cyber threats 

From leaked company’s secrets, personal information, and other sensitive data, cyber breaches can quickly rise into an alarming crisis. For e-commerce alone, a data breach can cause a massive panic inside and out of the company and its customers. 

When looking into July 2019, IT Governance had recorded a total of 2,359,144,047 data breaches globally. That means hundreds of businesses were affected. This can create severe damage to a company in:

  • Financial costs to hire specialists and engineers to seal the breach.
  • Loss of customers to competitors due to lack of trust.
  • Damage of brand reputation, as of press coverage on such breaches, spread out very quickly.

Juniper Research estimates that the cost of data breaches will increase to $2.1 trillion globally by 2019. And as more business infrastructures get online, the average cost of a data breach will exceed $150 million by 2020

Cyber-attacks have become the 21st century’s everyday news. But there is a way to minimize the cost of a data breach. One thing is for sure – businesses must invest in an excellent infrastructure to protect their data. One reliant support that we use is, of course – a proxy. 

Best Means for Brand Protection #2

Using proxies for brand protection

Building a proxy infrastructure for brand protection might take some time and resources, but it will save you a lot in losses that you might have experienced otherwise. 

There are several ways a proxy infrastructure helps to protect your brand:

Putting an extra layer of protection

With a proxy server, you’ll get an additional safety blanket of brand protection. The proxies will cover your sensitive data from unwanted eyes, while still being accessible to authorized people.  

Tackling counterfeiting and copyright infringement

By using proxies to crawl e-commerce websites, auction sites, and relevant marketplaces, you’ll be able to detect, as well as collect the necessary information to prosecute the hackers. 

Retail monitoring

Proxies come in handy when accessing websites from different geo-locations. This allows you to pinpoint non-authorized traders that sell your products or services.

Filtering out spam and malicious emails 

With proxies, you can filter out legitimate emails from spam, and especially malicious emails that send potentially dangerous emails with virus attachments. Proxies allow you to whitelist or blacklist IPs, in doing so, you’ll be able to build a proxy wall that’ll protect your business emails from unwanted recipients.

Backing up web data and its content 

A website crash is an unwanted sight that creates many issues, such as upset customers and losing relevance. Having a backup server is the most common approach, but you can do something that might prevent a crash in the first place. With a proxy server, you’ll be able to create a web address as an access point. This way, you’ll be able to balance out requests and prevent overloads, preventing future crashes. 

When it comes to choosing the right proxies for brand protection, it’s essential to realize that for an efficient fraud investigation, it may require several web data extraction solutions. Depending on the marketplace that is monitored, all proxy types can prove to be effective.

However, the most significant amount of cyber attacks target e-commerce sites and our team suggests you use either Real-Time Crawler (as it allows you to focus on cleaning and analyzing the actual data without the need to do the crawling), or data center proxies.

Best Means for Brand Protection #3

Why data center proxies? They are fast, cheap, and are very reliable. So when someone threatens your brand, you can react quickly and accordingly to protect the brand and the hard-fought market share. You can learn more about what are data center proxies in our blog post, where we go into further detail about them.


Brand protection is crucial for a company, especially when monthly data breaches reach 10 figure numbers. This is not something to be taken lightly, and a sound proxy infrastructure for any company has become a necessity. This goes double if its for an e-commerce business.

Want to be sure and make the best proxy choice for your company to protect your brand? Email us at [email protected] and our account managers will help you out with any questions you might have.


About Gabija Fatenaite

Gabija Fatenaite is a Content Manager at Oxylabs with an interest in tech. Having grown up on video games and the internet, she grew to find the tech side of things more and more interesting over the years. So if you ever find yourself wanting to learn more about proxies (or video games), feel free to contact her - she’ll be more than happy to answer you.

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