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Free White Paper: Commercial Data as Alternative Data for Financial Industry

Adelina Kiskyte

Adelina Kiskyte

2021-03-041 min read

More and more data gets created every day, and asset management companies and hedge funds can leverage this data for analysis to reveal trends, patterns, and risks. However, traditional data has not been covering the needs of the competitive investment market. Meanwhile, alternative data enables investors to make better, informed predictions. 

Commercial data can bring even more benefits to the financial industry. Monitoring the real estate market, gathering e-commerce data, and following company data create more opportunities for informed investment.

Our white paper “Commercial Data as Alternative Data for Financial Industry” reveals what kind of commercial data can help asset management companies and hedge funds make investment decisions, and where they can find new investment opportunities.

Free PDF

Commercial Data as Alternative Data for Financial Industry


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Commercial Data as Alternative Data for Financial Industry

What can you expect from this white paper?

  • Real estate market monitoring. Find out what kind of real-time data real estate market monitoring  can provide.

  • E-commerce data. What kind of public e-commerce data is available?

  • Learn how monitoring employee changes can predict risks and opportunities

Download our white paper for the financial industry and learn what datasets Oxylabs can provide for your informed investment decisions.

About the author

Adelina Kiskyte

Adelina Kiskyte

Former Senior Content Manager

Adelina Kiskyte is a former Senior Content Manager at Oxylabs. She constantly follows tech news and loves trying out new apps, even the most useless. When Adelina is not glued to her phone, she also enjoys reading self-motivation books and biographies of tech-inspired innovators. Who knows, maybe one day she will create a life-changing app of her own!

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  • What can you expect from this white paper?

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