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Introducing Oxylabs Scraper APIs Playground: A New Way to Test Out Our Scraper API Solutions

Danielius Radavicius

Danielius Radavicius

2023-09-052 min read

We’re excited to announce a brand new way for our users to check out Oxylabs Scraper API solutions for free! Introducing the Scraper APIs Playground, here you’ll be able to test our scraping solutions – E-Commerce Scraper API, SERP Scraper API, and Web Scraper API, including their dedicated scrapers and parsers (Amazon, Google Shopping, Wayfair, Google, Bing, Baidu, and Yandex.) You can access it via our dashboard.

Before we look at the step-by-step guide, the question may arise regarding who this solution is beneficial for. Suppose you’re curious about our Scraper APIs and want to see them in action. In that case, Scraper APIs Playground is the perfect way to check how our solutions function and decide which one suits you the most. The process couldn’t be more straightforward as all you need to do is give a URL and test it yourself, that's it! Below, we have a step-by-step guide on how to do so. 

How to use Scraper APIs Playground

The process of testing out our Scraper APIs is easy: 

  1. Initially, you’ll be asked to enter the Target Query. This entails entering a search query or URL (depending on your selected source) and submitting the request when you have filled out all the wanted parameters. Notably, you can submit a request without customization. 

  2. If your testing requirements necessitate gathering specific public data, then you only need to customize your request within our Scraper APIs playground. Depending on the target, you can choose various parameters such as user agent type, parsing, JavaScript rendering, localization (geographic location and interface language), result limits, filtering, session ID options, and more. 

  3. Once you're happy with the result, you can export the request code in the language of your choice. Also, by adding your credentials to the request code, you can use it for further scraping operations. It’s also possible to export the response code in HTML or JSON format.

If you have any questions regarding Scraper APIs Playground or any other solution provided by Oxylabs, don't hesitate to contact us, and we’ll be happy to help!

About the author

Danielius Radavicius

Danielius Radavicius

Former Copywriter

Danielius Radavičius was a Copywriter at Oxylabs. Having grown up in films, music, and books and having a keen interest in the defense industry, he decided to move his career toward tech-related subjects and quickly became interested in all things technology. In his free time, you'll probably find Danielius watching films, listening to music, and planning world domination.

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