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Learn More About Danielius Radavičius

Copywriter at Oxylabs

Danielius Radavičius was a Copywriter at Oxylabs. Due to choosing a funky combination of subjects, math, history, and philosophy, early in his school life, Danielius had no shortage of writing-focused assignments. Later, being interested in everything tech, he started an internship within a private Lithuanian defense firm. Afterward, the decision was made that technology-related subjects and writing were indeed a perfect combo for him; thus, he started to work at Oxylabs, a company that fulfilled both requirements.

When doing other things unrelated to work, Danielius likes to play table tennis, windsurf (when possible), travel to see beautiful Lithuanian nature, play games, watch movies, and read about the peculiarities of multinational defense firms.

Meet us at Shoptalk 2024 in Las Vegas!

Get excited for the annual Shoptalk conference, where Oxylabs are once again participating!


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7 Best Web Data Scraping Extensions for Chrome

See what the value of using web scraping extensions is and how they compare to each other.


10 min read

How to Bypass Amazon Captcha When Scraping

If you've ever run into CATPCHA blocks while scraping Amazon, check out this step-by-step tutorial on making your scraping tasks block-free.


2 min read

How to Scrape Indeed Jobs Data

Learn how to scrape Indeed easily with our Web Scraper API tool and this step-by-step guide.


4 min read

A New Way to Access Our Dedicated Datacenter Proxies: Self-Service

Find out the core benefits of using Dedicated Datacenter Proxies through self-service and what the process of using these proxies looks like.


2 min read

How to Scrape Google Images With Python

See how you can scrape Google Images with this brief, step-by-step tutorial.


4 min read

How to Scrape Craigslist Data With Python

Find out how to scrape Craigslist data using Oxylabs Craigslist API with this simple, step-by-step guide.


3 min read

Introducing Oxylabs Scraper APIs Playground: A New Way to Test Out Our Scraper API Solutions

We're excited to announce Scraper APIs Playrgound, a brand new way to test out our Scraper API solutions for free.


2 min read

How to Scrape Google News: Step-by-Step Guide

Check out this straightforward, step-by-step guide on how to scrape Google News.


3 min read

Agenda is live, why attend OxyCon 2023!

This year's OxyCon has already garnered attention from every corner of the data gathering industry. Now is the time to reveal what's in store during our virtual event on September 13th.


2 min read

Why Do Some People Bypass Queue-It?

Queue-it systems are popular among numerous websites that deal with high traffic. Interestingly, some people try and bypass Queue-it, and we'll discuss why in this article.


3 min read

How to Choose the Right Database for Storing Your Data

Read about the key differences between SQL and NoSQL databases and determine which type may be more relevant for your projects.


7 min read

How to Scrape Google Maps: A Comprehensive Guide

See this extensive guide on how to scrape Google Maps with an Oxylabs solution.


5 min read

Oxylabs Webinar: AI and Web Scraping - The Unstoppable Duo for Web Data Collection

Oxylabs Webinar: AI and Web Scraping - The Unstoppable Duo for Web Data Collection

Watch Oxylabs Webinar and find out how AI is becoming an essential part of web scraping.


2 min read

Mobile Proxies in Self-Service

Mobile Proxies are Now in Self-Service!

Get Oxylabs Mobile Proxies in a hassle-free way and access new payment plans that fit your needs!


3 min read

Best Programming Languages for Effective Web Scraping

See the various popular languages used in public web scraping operations and determine each's strengths and limitations.


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How to Scrape Data from eBay: A Step-by-Step Guide

Follow the steps in this detailed tutorial to learn how to scrape data from eBay while avoiding blocks.


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How to Scrape Bing Search Results using Python

See the detailed step-by-step process of how to scrape Bing.


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HTTPX vs Requests vs AIOHTTP

Find out about the critical features of HTTPX, Requests, and AIOHTTP and how they differ from each other.


5 min read

Go vs Python: The Differences in 2024

Go is becoming increasingly popular due to its many strengths, but how does it compare to Python, the most common and widely used language in programming?


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How Does a Proxy Server Improve Security

Find out the numerous features of proxies and how they improve security.


3 min read

What Is an ETL Pipeline?

ETL stands for extract, transform, and load. It’s an independent three-stage process that moves data from one source(s) to a database and is crucial for modern day anlysis.


5 min read

Oxylabs Attends Current 2022: The Next Generation of Kafka Summit

We're excited to sponsor and participate live in the Current 2022: The Next Generation of Kafka Summit. Don't miss out and participate in one of the largest data-focused conferences worldwide!


2 min read

OxyCon 2022: The Top Takeaways From Day One

Find out the core talking points during the first day of our annual 2022 OxyCon conference and see in more detail what topics were covered.


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2 Weeks Until OxyCon So Hurry Up and Register!

Only two weeks left up until, OxyCon, the two-day virtual event, starts. Find out more about what awaits within the conference and don't hesitate to register, there isn't much time left!


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Automating Web Scraping With Python and Cron

If you're curious about how to automate your web scraping projects with Python and cron, then check out this dedicated tutorial for more information.


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OxyCon 2022 Agenda is Live - How to Get the Most Out of the Event

This year's OxyCon has already garnered attention from every corner of the data gathering industry. Now is the time to reveal what's in store during our two-day event on September 7-8th.


2 min read

Marketplace SEO: How to Improve Your SERP Rankings with Data

The success of your SEO strategy will likely depend entirely on how accurately you follow a specific marketplace’s regulations and in what ways you stand out.


7 min read

Scraping experts

Brand New Lessons on Everything Data Gathering

Data gathering is a rather tricky field; therefore, getting advice and lessons from people who have worked at the top of the industry for years is unparalleled.


2 min read

Why You Shouldn't Use Free Proxies - Risks & Reasons

Free proxies are an attractive yet often unsafe solution. Its limitations, security issues, and recommendations are all discussed within the article.


6 min read

Building a Competitor Intelligence System for E-Commerce

The primary focus of the white paper is to provide an action chain for a competitor intelligence system, from data collection to parsing, with various tips, guidelines, and explanations of the most critical processes.


1 min read

OxyCon 2022: Leading-Edge Conference in All Things Web Scraping

Don’t forget to save your seat at OxyCon 2022, September 7-8, to join discussions on the most relevant and recently encountered topics of public data gathering! Just like last year, the 2 day virtual event will feature discussions from a plethora of industry-leading guests.


2 min read

Scaling: Overcoming Your Limits | OxyCast #4

At one point or another, any scaling or coding project will run into the issue of scaling and how to effectively do it. In the 4th episode of OxyCast, we will explore topics such as horizontal vs. vertical scaling, bottleneck avoidance, and many others!


2 min read

Retail Competitive Pricing Strategies

Competitive pricing strategies and analysis are essential in both determining the correct price of your product/service and maximization of profits.


6 min read

Web Scraping for Machine Learning

This tutorial explores a real-life scenario where web scraping and machine learning work in tandem and how the step-by-step process should look like if you decide to do it on your own.


6 min read

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