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Miami Proxies

Access websites of your choice and retrieve public data using Oxylabs’ stable Datacenter and Residential Proxies from Miami. They are exactly what can help you bypass IP blocks and stay completely anonymous.

Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter Proxies

The highest-performing proxies on the market with Miami IPs

Residential Proxies

Residential Proxies

Gather public data in a human-like manner with Miami proxies

Miami Proxies
Residential Proxies

Large pool of Miami proxy IPs

Reliable Miami proxies are a great chance to power your web scraping activity to a new level. With a huge pool of high-quality proxies you will be able to access preferred websites from all over the world and collect public data needed for successful company operations and advanced business strategies.

Legitimate proxies

Oxylabs Residential Proxies come exclusively from legitimate sources

Reliable infrastructure

Avg. 99.2% success rate ensures smooth web scraping and complete anonymity

Datacenter Proxies

Dedicated Miami Proxy Servers

No more target restrictions, bandwidth, and limited concurrent sessions while collecting public information. Our affordable Miami Datacenter Proxies will give an opportunity to power your web scraping projects quickly and easily. Market research, brand protection, city-level targeting – do it all without worrying about revealing your real IP address or running into geo-blocks.

  • Unlimited concurrent sessions

  • 99% uptime

  • Cost-efficient solution  

Monitored proxy pool

Fast and Reliable Miami Proxies

High speed and stability are one of the main distinguishing features of our Oxylabs proxies. Our professional team constantly monitors and maintains the performance of our Miami proxy network so that you are able to scrape at any scale. With reliable and nearly unlockable Miami proxies, you can also be sure that you won’t encounter any serious issues while scraping public data.  

  • Solution to scrape at any scale

  • Fast and stable proxy network

  • Monitored and maintained proxies

Residential and Datacenter Proxies in Miami

Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter Proxies

Collect public data at scale with cost-efficient and stable Miami Datacenter Proxies.

  • Avg. 99.9% uptime 

  • Access geo-restricted content worldwide

  • One of the most stable proxy pools

Residential Proxies

Residential Proxies

Improve your web scraping success rates with a constantly controlled and updated pool of Miami Residential Proxies. 

  • Deal with fewer IP blocks

  • Gather publicly available data at scale

  • Ensure high performance with avg. 99.2% uptime

Additional benefits

Scrape using multiple protocols

Our Datacenter Proxies support HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 which means you can scrape without port restrictions


Control your statistics in one place

Oxylabs Dashboard allows you to create sub-users, manage your subscription, and track usage statistics

24/7 support

24/7 live support

You don’t have to wait for the needed assistance – our support is always on the line

Additional benefits

Entire globe coverage

With Oxylabs Residential proxies you can gather public data from almost every country in the world

Huge proxy pool

Advance your scraping processes with Residential proxy pool of 100M+ IPs

Fewer CAPTCHAs and IP bans

Get the public data you need without compromising your privacy or getting blocked

Why you should choose Oxylabs’ Miami proxy servers

Easy integration of Miami proxy servers

Miami proxies can easily be integrated with IP address management tools. Detailed, step-by-step tutorials for simple integration are available for you to check out in our developer-friendly documentation. Oxylabs’ Miami proxy servers are the ultimate choice for those who want to avoid difficult integration processes.

Increased scalability with Miami proxies

Retrieve public data from the most challenging websites with your automated scraping script. Our Miami Datacenter Proxies are high-quality and allow businesses to gather public information with a significantly decreased risk of being identified by anti-scraping technologies.

Constantly growing Miami proxy pool

It goes without saying that one of our main priorities is to always be able to meet the growing needs of our customers. That is why, Oxylabs works hard on expanding our resources and improving the quality of Miami Datacenter Proxies. We also increase the number of other proxy types, such as SOCKS5, HTTP(S), and more. 

Certified data centers and upstream providers

All of our products are insured

All of our products are covered by Technology Errors & Omissions (Technology E&O) and Cyber Insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a proxy?

Simply put, proxies are intermediaries between you and the internet. With proxy servers, your request is routed via the proxy first. It's like an additional layer – hiding the actual IP address is one of the main benefits why it's worth it to use proxies. 

If you're interested, you can find more information here: what is a proxy

What are datacenter proxies?

Datacenter Proxies come from secondary corporations like data centers, and they aren't affiliated with Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Usually, datacenter proxies have higher and more stable uptime than Residential Proxies. The main benefit of Datacenter Proxies is the high level of anonymity and rapid response times. However, websites can detect and block these proxies.

What are residential proxies?

Residential Proxiesare real IP addresses provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to homeowners. They are genuine IP addresses attached to a physical location. Residential proxies have a high anonymity level and enable users to collect the required public data with noticeably fewer IP blocks.

Is web scraping legal in Miami?

Even though giving a concrete answer to this question is difficult, it can be mentioned that usually it depends on the regulations surrounding this or that public information. However, our legal team’s suggestion would be to seek legal advice regarding proxy use for web scraping purposes specifically in Miami.

For more information, read one of our blog posts on this topic: is web scraping legal?  

Should I use free Miami proxies?

Free proxies are popular among companies that want to find a quick solution to geo-restrictions and anonymity problems. At the same time, these free services are considered to be dangerous because of privacy and speed issues. Paid proxies, on the other hand, come from trusted providers. While it may be hard and time-consuming to find a reliable proxy provider, it is all worth it in the long run when you get a chance to collect public data while preserving complete privacy.