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ethical data collection policies

Ethical Data Collection Policies

Web scraping for business, live presentation
26 August, 2:50PM BST, 40min

More and more companies seek to adopt an ethical approach to data collection, but some of them struggle to take the first steps. 

Cornelius (Con) Conlon, the Managing Director of Merit Data & Technology, is joining OxyCon to deliver an informative and engaging discussion on ethical data collection that will cover several areas. 

The session will touch upon the legitimacy of data scraping as an activity and discuss the benefits of having an ethical data collection policy in place. Diving deeper into the subject, Con Conlon will go through situations where the ethical guidelines may run up against customer demands. The speaker will also discuss the legal or contractual dimension to data collection, where liability, warranties, and legal indemnities sit when collecting data for a customer.

Join this session, if you:

  • Run a company that collects public data

  • Are looking to adopt ethical data collection policies

  • Are interested in legal matters of web scraping

Please note: The views expressed by speakers or moderators are those of the speaker or moderators and not, necessarily, of Oxylabs or other respective organizations. Before engaging in scraping activities of any kind, you should consult your legal advisors.

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Meet the speaker

Cornelius (Con) Conlon, Managing Director of Merit Data & Technology

Cornelius (Con) Conlon is the Managing Director of Merit Data & Technology, part of Merit Group Plc, which is headquartered in London. Merit has been delivering data solutions to clients for over 15 years across various industries, from maritime to construction to fashion and e-commerce.  The company has developed a number of automated data collection solutions, in addition to machine learning tools that help their clients transform raw data into usable and valuable intelligence.  Con comes from a software programming background and has held a number of senior board-level roles in technology businesses over the past 20 years.