TLS Fingerprinting in Web Scraping

Web scraping for developers, presentation
25 August, 1:30PM BST, 30min

TLS fingerprinting is a hot topic among members of the web scraping community. It has received growing attention, and web scraping experts and companies that gather public data are especially interested in how TLS fingerprinting impacts web scraping and bot detection. This presentation will explain how TLS fingerprinting works, discuss its use cases and answer the questions we all have been wondering. Is TLS fingerprinting something we should be worried about, and should we be preparing our public data scrapers for new challenges?

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Please note: The views expressed by speakers or moderators are those of the speaker or moderators and not, necessarily, of Oxylabs or other respective organizations. Before engaging in scraping activities of any kind, you should consult your legal advisors.

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Meet the speaker

Martynas Juravičius, Lead Data Analyst at Oxylabs

Martynas has been working with some of the largest Oxylabs projects for nearly five years. He closely follows the newest trends and innovations in data science and challenges himself to find new solutions to common problems. As a lead data analyst, he manages a team that works with machine learning solutions for web scraping and public data extraction. 


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