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Access public data with ready-to-use Scraper APIs and premium proxies with 100M+ IPs across 195 countries. Avoid IP blocks and CAPTCHAs.

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Scraper APIs

  • Web, SERP, E-Commerce


  • Auto-retry system

  • JavaScript rendering

Free trial


Micro -35%

$49 $32/mo

Starter -35%

$99 $64/mo

Advanced -35%

$249 $162/mo

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Web Unblocker

  • 102M+ proxy pool

  • CAPTCHA bypass

  • Automated unblocking

  • Human-like browsing

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Micro 5GB -35%

$75 $49/mo

Starter 25GB -35%

$325 $211/mo

Advanced 60GB -35%

$660 $429/mo

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Residential proxies

  • 100M+ Residential IPs

  • 99.95% success rates


  • 30-min session duration

Pay as you go


Micro 13GB -35%

$99 $64/mo

Starter 40GB -35%

$300 $195/mo

Advanced 86GB -35%

$600 $390/mo

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Mobile Proxies

  • 20M+ mobile IPs

  • Network 3G/4G/5G

  • Real mobile devices

  • Fast performance

Pay as you go


Micro 12GB -35%

$99 $64/mo

Starter 38GB -35%

$300 $195/mo

Advanced 80GB -35%

$600 $390/mo

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Collect data from the most complex websites

Our built-in patented proxy rotator, JavaScript rendering, and other intelligent solutions will ensure a quick and reliable data extraction process.

Put together a query

Add your endpoint URL, payload and API user credentials.

Send your query to our API

We will take it from here - you do not need to do anything.

Receive the result

Retrieve results via an API or get them delivered to your cloud storage bucket.


Large and stable Residential Proxy network

Choose Rotating Residential Proxies from a pool of 100M+ IPs covering 195 countries and easily overcome geo-location blocks.

United States

10,353,360 IPs


3,537,899 IPs

United Kingdom

3,502,538 IPs


1,970,743 IPs


5,280,618 IPs


2,814,995 IPs

How to claim your deal

A 35% deal for the first month is available for new Oxylabs clients only. All you need to know about the offer:

  • Use the promo code boost30 at checkout.

  • For Micro, Starter, and Advanced Residential Proxy plans.

  • Micro, Starter, and Advanced any Scraper APIs plans.

  • Starter, Advanced, and Premium Mobile Proxy plans.

  • Micro, Starter, and Advanced Web Unblocker plans.

“We need access to residential IPs to be able to reliably analyze our price accuracy on trivago. As some advertisers adjust their price display based on the user’s location (e.g. net for US) we need to be able to use a local IP to simulate this scenario.”

Trusted by top companies

From startups to the largest companies in the world, Oxylabs is considered to be one of the best proxy services among forward-thinking businesses. 

Proxy Integrations

Oxylabs proxies are easy to integrate with the most popular third-party integration software. Explore these step-by-step guides and set up your proxies smoothly.

Multilogin integration

Integrate Oxylabs proxies with Multilogin app for easy proxy management.

Open integration

Adspower integration

Find out how to implement Oxylabs proxies with AdsPower, a multi-login browser management tool.

Open integration

SwitchyOmega integration

Implement Oxylabs Residential Proxies with SwitchyOmega, a powerful and reliable proxy manager.

Open integration

Boost your scraping projects