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Morningscore: Meeting SEO Needs With Fresh Data

The most valuable thing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is speed. Karsten Madsen, the CEO of an all-in-one SEO tool Morningscore, says that speed is indeed one of the key expectations from their customers. Morningscore aims to deliver speedy results in all the different processes it covers. One of these is helping users to make sense of the SEO tool and its functions.

Morningscore and Oxylabs
Morningscore case study

About Morningscore

  • Many of Morningscore's customers have never used an SEO tool before. They are beginners in this sense. Often, it's their tool that teaches them SEO through gamification.

  • Once familiar with the tool’s functionalities, Morningscore users start to expect fast data delivery. However, there’s a lot of work in the background to ensure this is done successfully.

  • SEO tools depend on a constant flow of SERP data. But, constant algorithm, layout, or features changes can affect this flow or even break parsing or scraping tools.

  • To ensure their customers get timely search intelligence data, Morningscore partners with Oxylabs, and use their specialised tool SERP Scraper API.

Business needs and challenges

As an SEO tool, Morningscore needs precise, fast, and reliable keyword ranking data. Their customers expect getting data really fast, which is a big, but interesting engineering challenge for the company.

Since various issues can disrupt the flow of reliable SERP data, Morningscore sees parser and scraper maintenance as one of their regular responsibilities. This, of course, costs a lot of time and money; thus, they've made a decision to outsource web scraping solutions. However, extreme care was necessary when picking one of these solutions.

Oxylabs not only gives us keyword data but also interprets it and refines it for us. This is not possible with many competing providers. We probably save 1 full time dev-ops engineer because of Oxylabs.

Karsten Madsen

CEO at Morningscore

How did Oxylabs help?

When choosing a web scraping solution provider, Morningscore was looking for one that can get consistently high data extraction success rates. If the success rate drops, then it takes longer to get results, and that was not an option as their customers love speedy data.

That's why Morningscore partnered with Oxylabs, a leading publicly available data gathering solutions provider, and implemented their specialised tool SERP Scraper API. It was created specifically with public data gathering from search engines challenges in mind. 

The best part is that our "refresh keywords" functionality was developed in less than a month because Oxylabs public data tool was plug and play.

Karsten Madsen

CEP at Morningscore

Fast-paced product development

When a reliable scraping solution works in the background, ambitious SEO marketers that use Morningscore can get their insights quickly and act on them right away. Meanwhile, Morningscore can focus on further enhancing their product features to meet customer needs and solidifying their market position.

As an example, Karsten Madsen shares the success of one of the Morningscore’s most popular functionalities. A “refresh keywords” button was introduced in the tool, allowing users to get fresh results on demand. Since then, the conversion rate has gone up +5%

Key takeaway

Oxylabs' SERP Scraper API helps Morningscore meet their most ambitious SEO needs. It offers stability, quality, and fast data delivery, which is one of the key expectations of Morningscore's customers. Are you also looking for a reliable scraping solution?

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