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Saving on Data Acquisition Costs for Pricing Intelligence

Data extraction is highly recommended for every e-commerce business to improve marketing and pricing strategies. Unsurprisingly, one of our clients turned to us for large-scale pricing intelligence data collection.

Our client

  • Our client was scraping e-commerce websites at scale for pricing and product data

  • They already had an in-house web scraper but noticed that the data acquisition cost was too high

  • Our E-Commerce Scraper API was the perfect solution, specially built to scrape heavy-duty data from e-commerce websites and search engines

  • The client managed to cut overall data acquisition costs by 55%

  • The company can now focus on data analysis rather than data gathering

Business needs and challenges

While our client already had an in-house scraper, a lot of resources went to maintenance, development, parsing, and CAPTCHA solving, thus driving maintenance costs up. Instead, we offered our E-Commerce Scraper API – our ultimate data-gathering tool, specifically built to scrape e-commerce data and bypass common challenges.

Data gathering from A to Z

Our dedicated account managers facilitated the onboarding process and the client was able to swiftly implement E-Commerce Scraper API. This all-in-one solution:

  • Provided a maintenance-free scraping infrastructure

  • Offered AI-powered features for proxy management, bypassing blocks, and parsing

  • Delivered highly-localized product data in real-time

As a result, our client didn’t need to deal with time-consuming tasks anymore and could focus on data analysis and strategic planning.

Main takeaways

Are you also looking to solve data gathering issues and discover ways to boost your business growth? Try Oxylabs’ E-Commerce Scraper API free for 1 week! If you have more questions, you can also book a call with us.

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