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Oxylabs Helps Searchmetrics Provide Fresh Data

Searchmetrics is a market-leading company that provides businesses with software and services to improve their online marketing. The company delivers the data and insights that enable enterprises to predict, and optimize for, digital demand.

Today, Searchmetrics is a global company with offices in Europe and the United States.

Searchmetrics's Partnership with Oxylabs

Searchmetrics's Partnership with Oxylabs

  • Searchmetrics provides software and services for online marketing.

  • To provide SEO insights, Searchmetrics use data from search engines.

  • Scalability, high success rates, and high uptime are among Searchmetrics top priorities for web scraping solutions.

  • Oxylabs helps Searchmetrics deliver reliable, up-to-date information to their clients.

Online marketing driven by fresh data

Online marketing driven by fresh data

Searchmetrics provides tools and services that help companies improve their SEO and content marketing strategies. Big data is an integral part of their service. To provide reliable data to their clients, Searchmetrics needed a scalable solution that would ensure a constant flow of data from the largest search engines in real-time.

Searchmetrics also helps companies improve their website performance with strong technical SEO. To provide this service, Searchmetrics needed proxies to power up their unique website crawler. 

“You are supporting us heavily to be on time with the update of our ranking data.”

Representative from Searchmetrics

How Oxylabs' SERP Scraper API helps Searchmetrics

Oxylabs' SERP Scraper API provides a solution for real-time data from search engines with a high success rate (which means that clients only pay for pages with a response status code 200 with a body text containing “status”: “done”). It helps provide structured data from SERPs, is easy to integrate, and does not require any maintenance.

Leveraging Oxylabs' Datacenter Proxies

Oxylabs' Datacenter Proxies cover 188 locations worldwide with country and state-level targeting, which allows checking how websites perform from various locations in the world. Our Datacenter Proxies are fast and have a high uptime, which ensures quick and smooth website crawling.

Easy-to-use and reliable public data gathering tools

Main takeaways

Oxylabs’ SERP Scraper API is a scalable and customizable solution that helps Searchmetrics with search engine scraping and provide valuable SEO insights to their clients. Do you need easy-to-use and reliable public data gathering tools for your business?

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