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Lowe's Access Denied

Lowe's Access Denied - Meaning & Fix

Circumvent Lowe’s Access Denied errors and successfully scrape public e-commerce data from the website with Oxylabs web scraping solutions. 

Lowe's Access Denied - Meaning & Fix

Possible reasons for the error

Rate limiting

To control the traffic flow, Lowe’s may be restricting the number of requests that can be made within a specific time period. It’s a standard security measure websites use to protect themselves from DDoS attacks.

IP bans and CAPTCHAs

If Lowe’s detects possible bot activity, the website may send you a CAPTCHA response to confirm you’re human. After too many failed CAPTCHA requests, the website may even ban your IP address. 


Lowe’s may be unavailable in the location you physically reside in. Websites use geo-blocking for various reasons, e.g., license and distribution agreements.

No header control

Typically, headers hold a lot of information about the requestor and the website can see it. Without proper header control, Lowe’s can perceive web scrapers as malicious bots and ban them. 

Failing to render JavaScript

Websites use JavaScript to load their dynamic content. If your web scraping tool fails to render JavaScript, you may get an error and be unable to retrieve website data. 

Overloading the website

Websites handle a limited number of incoming requests. If you surpass the number, Lowe’s may suspect you’re not human and prevent access.  


Solutions for Lowe's Access Denied

use proxies


Proxies are one of the most commonly used tools in the web scraping space. Proxies mask your IP address and work as a bridge between you and Lowe’s. This way, you can retrieve the data that may be inaccessible in your location. You may also rotate your proxies, further preventing the risk of Lowe’s banning you for too many requests coming from one IP. 

optimize your headers

Header optimization

To ensure Lowe’s sees you as an organic user, you can customize your headers before proceeding with any web scraping activities. With every request containing a header, you should also switch between them every now and then. 

Fingerprint settings

Another tip for imitating organic user behavior is setting the right fingerprint, which involves configuring and choosing the right values for such parameters as headers. As a result, you’re further reducing the risk of getting blocked while gathering public Lowe’s data.  

Ready-to-use solution – Lowe’s Scraper API

Oxylabs’ Lowe’s Scraper API is an all-in-one solution that incorporates all of the said preventative measures and allows you to scrape public Lowe’s data with ease. 

Proxy management

ML-drive proxy selection and management with our premium proxy pool from 195 countries.

Custom parameters

Improve your scraping control with custom headers and cookies without any additional fees.

AI-driven fingerprinting

Unique HTTP headers, JavaScript, and browser fingerprints provide resilience to dynamic content.

IP bans and CAPTCHAs

Automatic retries and CAPTCHA bypassing for uninterrupted public data extraction.

Headless Browser

Extraction of high-quality and accurate data from dynamic and interactive websites.

Custom Parser

Set your own parsing logic with XPath and CSS selectors for structured data gathering.

Web Crawler

Detailed page discovery on targets, extracting only the necessary data.


Automate recurring scraping tasks at your preferred frequency and receive data in AWS S3 or GCS.

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