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Zillow Request Blocked Crawler Detected

Zillow Request Blocked Crawler Detected - Meaning & Fix

Zillow request blocked, crawler detected is a common error users receive when getting restricted from accessing public data from Zillow. Below, let’s take a look at possible reasons and workable solutions to handle this error, including Oxylabs’ Zillow Scraper API.

Possible reasons for the error

Rate limiting

Websites tend to control the frequency of incoming requests and block those users and IP addresses that send requests too quickly or exceed the established limits.

IP bans and CAPTCHAs

Two of the most common methods of preventing scrapers from collecting public data. Often happen due to sending too many requests or having a suspicious browser configuration.


This error reason refers to having a specific geographical location that is restricted by Zillow. Geo-restrictions are usually enforced by detecting the users’ IP address.

No header control

Headers contain important data about the request and without proper control, web scrapers can appear suspicious or malicious, potentially leading to blocks.


JavaScript is used by websites to generate content dynamically. Simple web scrapers often fail to render JavaScript, resulting in inaccurate data extraction and other errors.

Overloading the website

Sending too many requests is another reason for failed scraping tasks. Targets often have a limited number of actions that can be done and exceeding this number can lead to blocks.


Solutions for Zillow Request Blocked Crawler Detected

use proxies

Use proxies

Using an intermediary between your device and the Zillow website reduces the possibility of blocks as well as helps to access public data that might be unavailable in your region. Pick a reliable proxy provider like Oxylabs and choose between several proxy types to perfectly fit your project requirements.

optimize your headers

Optimize your headers

Since servers can easily identify suspicious HTTP headers, make sure to customize them to be organic, meaning imitate real user behavior. Additionally, you have to switch header sets frequently to avoid errors when scraping data from Zillow.

Set your fingerprint right

Setting the right fingerprint is another crucial step to imitate organic user behavior. It allows to reduce the risk of getting blocked and enhances your ability to collect public data without interruptions

Use a ready-to-use solution – Zillow Data API

In case you don’t have an in-house web scraper and want to save your resources for more strategic tasks, such as data analysis, you can always leverage Oxylabs’ Zillow Scraper API to retrieve property data from one of the largest real-estate websites hassle-free. It offers a ready-to-use infrastructure, which means almost no effort is required from your side.

Proxy management

ML-driven proxy selection and management with our premium proxy pool from 195 countries.

Custom parameters

Advance your scraping control with custom headers and cookies without any additional fees.

AI-driven fingerprinting

Unique site visitor fingerprints, including the IPs, headers, cookies, and WebRTC properties ensure resilience to anti-bot measures.

CAPTCHA bypass

Quick and effortless CAPTCHA bypassing for uninterrupted public data extraction.

Headless Browser

Render JavaScript, configure browser instructions, and extract data from complex web pages.

Custom Parser

Define your parsing logic with XPath and CSS selectors for structured data gathering.

Web Crawler

Comprehensive page discovery on targets, extracting only the necessary data.


Automate recurring scraping tasks at your preferred frequency and receive data in AWS S3 or GCS.

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