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Proxy Integration With OpenBullet

With OpenBullet, you can perform web requests to a website or an app and work with the results. OpenBullet can be used for web scraping, data parsing, and penetration testing.

This guide uses the newest version, OpenBullet2. Follow the setup instructions, as there are multiple ways to set up and launch OpenBullet. Make sure you have Microsoft .NET version 6 or above. 

The web client is cross-platform and works on any device. The native client is a typical app for Windows only, making it more responsive than the web client but without portability, localization, and remote access. For a full experience, this guide uses the web client. 

The following guide showcases how to set up Oxylabs Residential and Datacenter Proxies in OpenBullet.

What is OpenBullet?

OpenBullet is an open-source tool for testing and automating various web interactions. The tool features an easy-to-use interface, supports a variety of protocols, and is multiplatform. An OpenBullet proxy manager and custom setups for various websites and services allow you to tailor each interaction and avoid being blocked.

How to use proxies with OpenBullet

1. Launch the app via the terminal command or open OpenBullet2.exe from a downloaded directory.

2. Launch a web browser and navigate to http://localhost:5000 to open the web interface.

3. Select Proxies.

Navigating to Proxies

4. To create a new proxy group, select Add Group and pick a name. You can add as many groups as you want with multiple proxies in each group.

Adding a group

Naming the group

5. Import Proxies to the newly created group.

Follow the specified syntax when adding proxies:


To configure OpenBullet proxies, add the following details.

Residential Proxies



Port: 7777

You can also use country-specific entries. For example, entering under Proxy server and 30000 under Port will acquire a Canadian exit node. Please refer to our documentation for a complete list of country-specific entry nodes or if you need a sticky session.

Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Type: HTTP or SOCKS5

Host: a specific IP address (e.g.,

Port: 60000

In the case of Dedicated Datacenter Proxies, you will have to choose an IP address from the acquired list. Please refer to our documentation for more details.

Shared Datacenter Proxies

Type: HTTP


Port: 10000

You can also use a country-specific entry. For example, entering under Proxy server and 42000 under Port will acquire a French exit node. Please refer to our documentation for a complete list of country-specific entry nodes.

6. Enter your Oxylabs proxy user’s credentials. Use the same credentials you entered to create a new proxy user in the Oxylabs dashboard.

Importing proxies

7. Optionally, you can test your proxies by navigating to Jobs > New > Proxy Check.

Creating a new job

Selecting the Proxy Check job

8. Select an OpenBullet proxy group you wish to test, Create Job, and Start the testing job.

Configuring the job's settings

Starting the job

You’re now ready for interruption-free web scraping and automation by sending HTTP(S) requests through a proxy.

What are the best proxies to use for OpenBullet?

Besides the industry-standard Residential and Datacenter Proxies, you can also choose:

If you have a specific scenario, some of these proxy types and subtypes could enable you to complete the tasks more efficiently.

For instance, performing traffic-intensive scraping via a UDP connection would benefit from using a SOCKS5 proxy, or if you require extended sessions, rotating proxies would be the best option.

Wrapping up

Check our other integrations if you’re looking for similar tools or want to learn how to set up proxies for various operating systems, data extraction tools, and browsers.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our solutions or the process above, please contact us via the live chat on our homepage or email us at

Please be aware that this is a third-party tool not owned or controlled by Oxylabs. Each third-party provider is responsible for its own software and services. Consequently, Oxylabs will have no liability or responsibility to you regarding those services. Please carefully review the third party's policies and practices and/or conduct due diligence before accessing or using third-party services.

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