Proxies for Brand Protection

Some of the biggest challenges for companies are making sure that their products are protected from counterfeiting and ensuring their brand reputation. Being proactive in terms of brand protection is now a security must-have, so usually, such businesses outsource organizations that provide security services. And for these services to be fully optimized and operational, they require proxies.

Challenges you may face:

Property protection


Restricted geo-locations

Brand protection challenges

Companies face many difficulties in guaranteeing the highest level of brand protection to their customers. Ensuring property protection, scalability, and overcoming geo-location restrictions are some of their most challenging tasks.

Property protection

One of the ways how malicious persons can threaten any business is counterfeiting. Counterfeit products are fakes or unauthorized reproductions of the real creation. Infringersmanufacture counterfeit products with the intent to take advantage of the high imitated products’ value. In this case, brand reputation is in danger because products are produced and sold illegally.

Possible risks

If brand security companies do not ensure clients’ intellectual property protection and infringers are not caught, illegally sold counterfeits can damage brands’ reputation and lower profitability.

How can we help?

Oxylabs provide resources for any type of web monitoring with low to no block-rates. Therefore companies that offer brand protection services can easily track where counterfeits are sold and ensure that infringers are caught.


Infringers are changing product information constantly, even several times a day. Furthermore, counterfeits are sold widely on various e-commerce sites worldwide. Companies that provide brand protection services require practical solutions to monitor numerous marketplaces on a large scale whenever needed.

Possible risks

If companies that provide brand protection services have trouble monitoring marketplaces due to continuous blocks, they cannot secure their customers’ brand reputation.

How can we help?

Oxylabs offers a solution that allows companies to monitor as many e-commerce websites as required without getting blocked. Depending on needs, companies can easily manage the scale of monitoring.

Restricted geo-locations

Usually, infringers that illegally sell counterfeits provide their services worldwide. Some locations cannot be accessed due to restrictions and geo-blocking. This is an issue for companies that provide security services as they cannot scan these websites.

Possible risks

If companies that provide brand protection services cannot access any marketplace, they cannot guarantee 100% brand security.

How can we help?

Proxies for brand protection solve this issue as Oxylabs can provide the largest Datacenter Proxy pool in the market with 88 available locations.

Choose Datacenter Proxies for brand protection

Datacenter Proxies are a perfect fit for brand security. Datacenter Proxies allow for smooth web scanning for illegal content and ensure companies that provide security services easy access to any website!

  • Choose one of the most stable dedicated proxies on the market 

  • Access a pool of 88 locations 

  • 99,9% uptime guarantee to ensure brand protection

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Added benefits of Datacenter Proxies

One of the largest Datacenter Proxy pools in the market

2M+ Datacenter Proxies worldwide

88 locations worldwide

Constantly growing list of locations to suit your needs

Outstanding performance and speed

Perfect solution for brand security

Easy integration

Oxylabs proxies are easily integrated with 3rd party software

High uptime

Perfect and affordable solution for brand protection service

24/7 live support

We will answer your questions at any given moment

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