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Learn More About Yelyzaveta Nechytailo

Senior Content Manager at Oxylabs

Yelyzaveta Nechytailo is a Senior Content Manager at Oxylabs. Due to her interest in fashion and pop culture from early childhood, she was on the path of pursuing a career in celebrity journalism. But, once presented with an opportunity, Yelyzaveta decided to immerse in the fascinating tech world. She now particularly enjoys writing informative articles for the Oxylabs blog and collaborating with other teams to improve processes and manage complex projects.

Though friends usually describe Yelyzaveta as a communicative and easy-going person, she prefers to spend her free time at home – binge-watching investigative TV series or simply scrolling through social media. Don’t be surprised if you stumble across Yelyzaveta in a park or pet shop. She has a super energetic French Bulldog that loves long walks and new toys.

Introducing Datasets: Your Fast Path to Data-Driven Insights

Learn more about Datasets - collections of fresh, ready-to-use data that streamline the entire data acquisition process and let you focus on data analysis rather than data gathering.


2 min read

2 Weeks Until OxyCon – Your Last Chance to Register!

As the 2-week countdown begins and excitement for OxyCon 2023 surges through the air, we’re here to invite you to book your free spot.


2 min read

How to Bypass CAPTCHA With Playwright

Bypass CAPTCHAs with Playwright and Oxylabs’ Web Unblocker in Python. Crush web barriers, scrape freely, and automate successfully. Step-by-step tutorial.


4 min read

Serverless Web Scraping with Scrapy and AWS Lambda

Explore serverless web scraping with Scrapy and AWS Lambda. Unleash the power of serverless computing and efficient web scraping to simplify data extraction.


5 min read

Asynchronous Web Scraping With Python & AIOHTTP

In this tutorial, we will focus on describing the asynchronous approach to scraping multiple URLs and by comparing it to the synchronous one, demonstrate why it can be more beneficial.


6 min read

How to Bypass Any CAPTCHA in Web Scraping

If CAPTCHAs keep on interrupting your day-to-day scraping tasks, read this article presenting solutions that can help you go around them successfully.


6 min read

How to Send POST Requests With cURL

cURL is a lightweight yet powerful tool for sending POST requests from CLI. Read this tutorial for detailed instructions on sending POST requests with cURL.


3 min read

How to Use cURL with REST API

A detailed yet clear step-by-step tutorial on using cURL with REST API. Check it out and implement the gathered insights to future projects.


4 min read

Oxylabs Webinar: Driving E-Commerce Success Through Pricing Data - Are You Getting It Right?

Watch Oxylabs webinar on-demand to make sure you get all the needed insights to step into the e-commerce data collection confidently.


2 min read

Proxy Lists: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Discover the most popular types of proxy lists available and choose which one fits your scraping needs best.


4 min read

Oxylabs’ Scraper APIs and Web Unblocker Are Now in Self-Service!

Get access to Oxylabs’ top products using a quick self-checkout process – request and start using in just a few clicks!


3 min read

Crawlee Tutorial: Easy Web Scraping and Browser Automation

This article covers everything you need to get started with Crawlee. Learn more about its benefits and see a working example of scraping a website with Crawlee.


6 min read

How to Make Web Scraping Faster – Python Tutorial

Read this article where we discuss a few useful ways of making public data collection faster as well as provide sample codes that you can implement in your scraping activities.


6 min read

How to Scrape Google Shopping Results: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to gather accurate real-time data from Google Shopping hassle-free.


6 min read

Puppeteer vs Selenium: Which to Choose

Dive deeper into the features, benefits, and drawbacks of Puppeteer and Selenium to make an informed decision on which tool fits you best.


5 min read

Top 5 Marketing Automation Trends for 2023

Marketing automation can help businesses automate a range of repetitive tasks. But what is marketing automation exactly? What are the most prominent marketing automation trends? Read and find out.


5 min read

What Is a Distorting Proxy & How Does It Work?

Discover all the basics about distorting proxies. Use cases, advantages and drawbacks, and risks of using free distorting proxies.


5 min read

Guide to Extracting Website Data by Using Excel VBA

Follow a detailed tutorial of extracting website data by using Excel VBA as well as understand the main advantages and disadvantages of this scraping technique.


5 min read

OxyCon 2022: The Top Takeaways From Day Two

See what the second day of the conference was all about and take note of all the important highlights you might have missed.


4 min read

Pay as You Go: Brand New Pricing Plan for Residential Proxies

We're excited to introduce a new flexible pricing plan for Oxylabs' Residential Proxies – Pay as you go. Check this article to learn more about it and how you can benefit from it.


2 min read

Data Quality Metrics You Should Track and Measure

Learn more about how to effectively track and measure data quality with the help of this detailed blog post


5 min read

Data Parsing: The Basic, the Easy, and the Difficult | OxyCast #3

Parsing is an integral part of any web scraping activity that helps businesses get the data they need in the right format. In the third episode of OxyCast, we will dig deeper into data parsing and discuss such topics as easy vs. hard parsing, selectors, parser failures, and the future of parsing.


2 min read

Scraping Alternative Data: Technological Challenges to Keep in Mind

The role of alternative data becomes more and more prominent. However, its collection is tied to multiple technological challenges that can disturb your business's operations. This white paper provides a detailed explanation of these challenges and proposes solutions to deal with them.


1 min read

Best Python Libraries for Web Scraping

This white paper will go through four most popular Python libraries and the basics on how to get started in web scraping.


1 min read

Comprehensive Guide on Data Collection

In this extensive white paper, we’ve gathered a variety of technical insights to help you begin web scraping with Python.


1 min read

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