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Aleksandras Sulzenko

Jul 31, 2019 4 min read

When you look up “web scraping” in Google trends, you’ll see the popularity of it has grown gradually over the past few years. 

Best Proxy Solutions for SEO Monitoring #1

Based on these metrics, it’s fair to say that many companies started to implement web crawling as a solution to gather information for their business needs. Some of such needs are ad verification, pricing intelligence, market research, and much, much more. But you clicked on this article to find out about web scraping for SEO (search engine optimization).

SEO monitoring is how online businesses make their bread. And trying to stay on the first page and have a high ranking position in Google search is hard work. There are quite a few ways to stay at the top, but we’ll talk about something we know works – SEO proxies. 

Best solutions for SEO monitoring

Now, before choosing the right proxies for SEO monitoring, it is essential to understand how proxies work. We have covered what is a proxy in great detail in our blog post, so make sure to check it out before going any deeper into this blog post. 

SEO proxies

Best Proxy Solutions for SEO Monitoring #2

When choosing proxies for SEO, there are two types of proxies you can look into. That is data center proxies and residential proxies. When selecting between residential or data center proxies, there are more than a few factors that need to be considered. 

However, take note that when web scraping for SEO, a proxy must fit the IPs location of the search engine it scrapes, as the search engines have their own location database. For this instance, Oxylabs data center proxies are more adapt to this sort of job.

Let’s not forget that for SEO, you’ll need high scalability, and once again – data center proxies are much faster than residential proxies, therefore choosing them would be more beneficial. 

There is a downside to using proxies, though. You’ll find that managing and maintaining them will require extensive resources and time. That’s extra costs for your company, not to mention the time spent building infrastructure. At Oxylabs, we developed a solution that tackles the issues as mentioned earlier, leaving you with the information you need – Real-Time Crawler. 

SEO solutions

What is Real-Time Crawler? We have a whole article dedicated to this nifty tool, so make sure to check it out. But to sum it up for this particular case, Real-Time Crawler is currently customized to support the most popular search engines. You can retrieve paid and organic SERP data, extract ranking data for any keyword or get monthly search volume data in raw HTML or formatted JSON format.

The whole work process of Real-Time Crawler is simply a lot more resource-efficient. You can make use of the Callback method with which you don’t have to keep an open connection or check your task status and can collect your data whenever you need it (within 24 hours). Not to mention that every request you make has a 100% success rate, as we make sure on our end that the request you make always gets back to you.

Wrapping up

Web scraping for SEO is a common practice amongst businesses for some time now. Therefore, using the right SEO proxies and having a stable infrastructure is a necessity. 

Data center proxies are a good pick, but if you want to save on maintenance and resources (as well as have a constant 100% success rate)  – Real-Time Crawler is our top recommendation to go with. 

If you’re still not sure which is the best product for your business, contact us at [email protected], and our fantastic account manager and sales team will get you sorted!


About Aleksandras Sulzenko

Aleksandras Sulzenko is an Account Manager at Oxylabs. He places a strong interest in numbers, especially when it comes to analyzing data to help materialize good ideas on the spot. As for writing, he speaks 5 languages (body language included), so it’s safe to say he is quite proficient in linguistic arts as well. So feel free to contact him in any of the 5 languages if you have any proxy related questions.

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