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Scraping Images for Intellectual Property Protection

Vejune Tamuliunaite

2021-01-071 min read

In today’s knowledge-based and globalized economy, a company’s intellectual property assets form a great deal of business value. And while the internet has opened enormous opportunities for businesses to communicate their brand messages, it also created a fertile ground for intellectual property abuse.

According to the EU Intellectual Property Office report, in 2016, the magnitude of international trade in counterfeit products reached almost USD 509 billion, constituting up to 3.3 % of world trade. Businesses cannot entirely rely on standard legal precautionary measures to battle brand abuse online but search for proactive intellectual property monitoring and protection solutions.

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  • Why is intellectual property protection crucial

  • How can intellectual property be infringed

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Scraping Images for Intellectual Property Protection


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Scraping Images for Intellectual Property Protection

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About the author

Vejune Tamuliunaite

Former Product Content Manager

Vejune Tamuliunaite is a former Product Content Manager at Oxylabs with a passion for testing her limits. After years of working as a scriptwriter, she turned to the tech side and is fascinated by being at the core of creating the future. When not writing in-depth articles, Vejune enjoys spending time in nature and watching classic sci-fi movies. Also, she probably could tell the Star Wars script by heart.

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