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Oxylabs white papers provide the most relevant insights into proxy and web scraping solution usage in different industries.

Load Testing with Residential Proxies: Guide to Cybersecurity Companies

An in-depth guide to cybersecurity companies that are looking to perform realistic load tests with the use of proxies.

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The Application of AI and ML in Large-Scale Data Gathering Operations

The white paper covers the overall definitions of AI, ML, and Deep learning and how they can be applied to web scraping.

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Guide to Dynamic Pricing and Data Acquisition

E-commerce companies employ dynamic pricing to maximize their revenue. What tools are the best for data acquisition for dynamic pricing?

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Commercial Data as Alternative Data for Financial Industry

Find out how real estate market monitoring, e-commerce data, and monitoring employee changes can predict investment risks and opportunities.

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Guide to Threat Intelligence Data Acquisition

Learn about the web scraping process for threat intelligence and find out what data gathering solution is the best fit for threat intelligence data acquisition.

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Why Is Alternative Data Playing an Increasingly Larger Role in Financial Markets

Read why collecting alternative data is essential for applications in financial markets. Find out the main challenges and the solutions that can help make the best out of alternative data in the financial industry.

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How to Build a Successful Competitive Intelligence Process?

Learn what competitive intelligence is and how to solve the main issues that may arise when building a successful competitive intelligence process.

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Web Scraping in the Travel Industry: Main Challenges and Use Cases

Download this free white paper and get all the information on how you can benefit from web scraping in the travel industry.

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