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Real-Time Online Media Monitoring Infrastructure

Maryia Stsiopkina

Maryia Stsiopkina

2022-06-151 min read

To successfully perform day-to-day tasks, brand monitoring companies and PR specialists should track a multitude of online media outlets in real time. This practice allows grasping brand reach, the sentiment behind customer feedback, and discussions surrounding the brand in general.

This white paper will walk you through the critical stages of the online media monitoring process, from selecting keywords to data parsing, and explain the most significant elements of a well-functioning media tracking infrastructure. 

Download our free white paper right now to delve deeper into the peculiarities of an online media monitoring infrastructure.

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Real-Time Online Media Monitoring Infrastructure


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What to expect from this white paper?

Read this white paper to learn about:

  • Online media monitoring potential and challenges;

  • Five major steps to building an online media monitoring technical infrastructure;

  • Solutions aimed at enhancing online media monitoring.

If you’re interested in this and other similar topics, explore Oxylabs’ white papers for more insights.

About the author

Maryia Stsiopkina

Maryia Stsiopkina

Senior Content Manager

Maryia Stsiopkina is a Senior Content Manager at Oxylabs. As her passion for writing was developing, she was writing either creepy detective stories or fairy tales at different points in time. Eventually, she found herself in the tech wonderland with numerous hidden corners to explore. At leisure, she does birdwatching with binoculars (some people mistake it for stalking), makes flower jewelry, and eats pickles.

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  • What to expect from this white paper?

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