Adelina Kiskyte

Sep 16, 2020 2 min read

Load testing is key to any good system performance. Even the most advanced systems may break under certain loads, and testing is one of the best ways to find out what problems may arise during the busiest time. 

While load testing has been performed for decades and has advanced a lot, it still has flaws. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are fast infiltrating into technologies and challenging more and more tasks to become automated. That is why new load testing approaches need to be employed. 

By working with many cybersecurity companies, we have identified the main problems companies come across while testing system load. And we have a solution! 

To prepare this white paper, we have closely worked with load testing experts and residential proxy specialists. This extensive document aims to answer all the questions cybersecurity companies may have about load testing with our Residential Proxies.

Oxylabs proxy network looks really useful as a way of spreading out traffic generation for a load test so the target system can’t detect that the traffic is actually artificial.

Ragnar Lönn 
founder of Load Impact

What can you expect from this white paper?

In this white paper, you will find out: 

  • What is load testing? Find out what tasks load testing includes and what challenges arise while testing system loads. 
  • How load testing tools developed over the years – read how load testing tools changed from 1990s to 2020.
  • What is the future of load testing? With machine learning and AI fast stepping into technologies, load testing will also be impacted.
  • How Residential Proxies can improve load testing – we listed all the benefits of residential IPs in load testing.
  • Residential Proxy advantages in load testing compared to other proxies – we compared different types of proxies and how they work in load testing.
  • Why transparent Residential Proxy acquisition is important – working with a reliable proxy provider that can ensure overall compliance is important for any business, including cybersecurity companies.

Download our white paper about load testing with Residential Proxies for cybersecurity companies and find out how to generate realistic traffic load for system testing:

Load Testing with Residential Proxies: Guide for Cybersecurity Companies


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