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Oxylabs Featured in Raconteur “Future of Data and AI” Special Report

Adomas Sulcas

Adomas Sulcas

2023-04-041 min read

Oxylabs collaborated with Raconteur to produce a special interview with our Chief Operating Officer Juras Juršėnas on the way our products and services support the growth of the digital economy. Our COO provided numerous comments on how web scraping is going to become an essential part of the advancements in the digital economy.

We believe that web scraping is forming the foundation and backbone for the future of artificial intelligence. Most currently used models are extremely data-hungry, which would be exceedingly difficult to implement with manual extraction methods. Web scraping is our solution to these issues that will democratize the capabilities to produce machine learning models.

In the interview, you will discover how web scraping and the future of AI are inextricably linked together, how we see the progress in this area, and what are the potential dangers of misuse for both AI and web scraping.

We firmly believe in an AI-led future, but we understand that it will be data-hungry. Our goal is to enable businesses of all sizes to get the web intelligence they need, build machine-learning models, and optimize their business processes.

Juras Juršėnas, Chief Operating Officer at Oxylabs

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As originally seen in ‘Future of Data and AI published by Raconteur Media on March 22, 2023 in The Times.

About the author

Adomas Sulcas

Adomas Sulcas

PR Team Lead

Adomas Sulcas is a PR Team Lead at Oxylabs. Having grown up in a tech-minded household, he quickly developed an interest in everything IT and Internet related. When he is not nerding out online or immersed in reading, you will find him on an adventure or coming up with wicked business ideas.

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