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Oxylabs Webinar: Driving E-Commerce Success Through Pricing Data - Are You Getting It Right?

Oxylabs Webinar: Driving E-Commerce Success Through Pricing Data - Are You Getting It Right?
Yelyzaveta Nechytailo

Yelyzaveta Nechytailo

2023-05-102 min read

One can go on and on about the importance of implementing the right pricing strategy in e-commerce. And that’s no surprise because a correct price can generate revenue, act as a catalyst for sales, create a competitive advantage, and even contribute to a positive brand reputation. But how exactly can businesses find that sweet spot between providing value to customers and ensuring that prices align with those of competitors?

We've hosted a webinar where Povilas Kudriavcevas, Engineering Manager at Oxylabs, immersed in the specifics of product pricing monitoring. He highlighted the significance of applying competitive price intelligence to understand the ever-changing market and overviewed a sample price monitoring architecture businesses can implement in their data collection activities.

You can watch the webinar on demand by filling out the form below:

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Driving E-Commerce Success Through Pricing Data: Are You Getting It Right?


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Driving E-Commerce Success Through Pricing Data: Are You Getting It Right?

Why watch this webinar?

During the webinar, you’ll get a chance to:

  • Learn about the important aspects of collecting real-time product data;

  • Understand what a successful price monitoring architecture looks like;

  • See a practical demonstration of a price monitoring system, including a highly-effective data collection solution and a workflow management tool;

  • Hear our experts answer your most burning questions.

Povilas Kudriavcevas

Meet the host

Povilas Kudriavcevas is someone who can definitely be referred to as a true scraping expert. With over 5 years of experience as a software engineer specializing in web scraping, he currently oversees a cross-functional team and drives strategic initiatives to solve complex web scraping challenges. 

Wrapping up

Implementing an effective price monitoring architecture is essential if you’d like to keep track of the ever-changing marketplace and stay ahead of the competition. Watch our webinar and make sure to get all the insights you need to step into the e-commerce data collection confidently!

About the author

Yelyzaveta Nechytailo

Yelyzaveta Nechytailo

Senior Content Manager

Yelyzaveta Nechytailo is a Senior Content Manager at Oxylabs. After working as a writer in fashion, e-commerce, and media, she decided to switch her career path and immerse in the fascinating world of tech. And believe it or not, she absolutely loves it! On weekends, you’ll probably find Yelyzaveta enjoying a cup of matcha at a cozy coffee shop, scrolling through social media, or binge-watching investigative TV series.

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