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Jan 27, 2021 4 min read

Oxylabs proxies have many different use cases, and 3rd party integration tools can help you easily manage proxies for your specific case. One of such tools is VMLogin, which replaces multiple computers with virtual browser profiles and makes daily business tasks easier.

Both residential and datacenter proxies can be easily integrated with VMLogin application. Here you will find simple steps with visual explanations for an easy Oxylabs proxy integration with VMLogin.

What is VMLogin?

Virtual Multi Login, or VMLogin, is a tool for creating virtual browser profiles that help control browser fingerprinting, setup business workflows, and develop web automation, among other things.

VMLogin proxy integration with Oxylabs 

Oxylabs proxy integration with VMLogin

To integrate Oxylabs proxies with VMLogin, download the latest version of the tool from the official VMLogin website. You will have to login, or create an account, if you do not have one already.

Once you install the tool, launch the VMLogin application and create a new browser profile. You can either click Get random profile (1), or select your preferred settings. You can choose your preferred operating system, screen resolution, language, WebGL vendor, time zone, a media device fingerprint, etc. 

Once you are happy with your chosen parameters, or a randomly generated profile, click on Setting proxy server (2).

VMLogin proxy integration with Oxylabs

Next, login to your Oxylabs Residential Proxy dashboard. If you do not have any proxies yet, use the self service and purchase the plan that suits your needs. 

In the dashboard, create a new user. To do that, click on User on the left hand side, and New user in the left top corner of your window.

Oxylabs Residential Proxy dashboard

Enter your preferred user name and password, and click Create.

Create a new Residential Proxy user

Come back to the VMLogin application window and click on Setting proxy server. Choose HTTP Proxy as the Connection type. Under IP or host enter pr.oxylabs.io. Fill in 7777 for Port

Finally, enter your login credentials under Username (in customer-username format) and Password. Use the same credentials that you typed in while creating a new user in the proxy dashboard. 

You can check if the proxy works by clicking Test Proxy. If everything is fine, save profile and launch the browser.

VMLogin setup with Oxylabs proxies

The setup is done and you can start using Oxylabs Residential Proxies with VMLogin application.

Country-specific entries

With VMLogin, you can also create country-specific entries. To use an example, type us-pr.oxylabs.io under Proxy IP address and 10001 under Proxy Port. With these parameters, you will receive a US exit node with a sticky session.

For a full list of country specific entry notes, please refer to our documentation.

VMlogin with Oxylabs country specific requests

VMLogin integration with Datacenter Proxies

You can also set up our Datacenter Proxies, by following the same steps. The only difference is that you will need to type in your datacenter IP address that you want to use from your IP list, and enter a different port. 

Open Proxy settings, type your datacenter proxy IP address under IP address, and 60000 under Port

VMLogin with Oxylabs Datacenter Proxies


Together with Oxylabs proxies, Virtual Multi Login provides a high level of security and privacy. It helps automate business workflow, manage multiple browser profiles, and control browser fingerprints. 

VMLogin proxy integration with Oxylabs is fast and easy, so you can start working on your projects right away. If you have any questions about integrating Oxylabs products, please contact us at any time.


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