California Proxy

Use our California-based Datacenter or Residential proxies to acquire public data from any website of your choice. Carry out your scraping project without compromising your anonymity or dealing with interruptions.

Datacenter Proxies

One of the top-performing California-located proxies in the market

Residential Proxies

Based in California, these proxies are designed to replicate human-like behavior

California Proxies

Large Residential Proxy Pool

To meet the most demanding business requirements, we’re constantly expanding our proxy network. One of the most common needs is the ability to unlock geo-restricted content and scrape any desired local website. With our Residential Proxies, you can retrieve publicly available data with city-level precision anywhere in California. For example, you can gather public data from even Los Angeles-based websites hassle-free. 

Proper infrastructure maintenance

To guarantee high uptime and fast-paced data acquisition, we prioritize infrastructure maintenance.

Ethically supplied proxies

Our Residential Proxies come from legitimate sources, meeting the highest ethical standards.

Fast-Paced Proxy Solutions

When acquiring data from challenging, large-scale targets, fast and reliable proxy solutions are a must. Oxylabs' Residential and Datacenter Proxies are known as one of the fastest web scraping solutions on the market. With our rapid yet stable California-based proxies, you can complete scraping projects quickly and without hassle. 

  • Pre-tested proxies

  • Uptime up to 99.9% 

  • Unlimited targets

Ability to Scale Your Business

It may be difficult to scale your web scraping project in a limited number of concurrent sessions. To ensure you can complete your project smoothly and avoid bandwidth or target limits, our Datacenter Proxies are not tied with any session limitations. In addition, these proxies are highly cost-effective, making them ideal for market research, brand protection, and other use cases.

  • Cost-effective

  • Unlimited bandwidth 

  • Zero session limits

Residential and Datacenter Proxies in California

Datacenter Proxies

Thanks to how affordable and robust our California-based Datacenter Proxies are, they make an ideal choice for scraping large entities of publicly available data. 

  • Fast-paced and stable

  • Hassle-free integration

  • Average uptime of 99.9%

Residential Proxies

With our California-located Residential Proxies, it’s effortless to replicate organic human behavior and avoid technical challenges while scraping. 

  • Forget IP blocks

  • Bypass geo-restrictions

  • Scale up your project anytime

Additional benefits

Usage statistics available

View your proxy usage statistics in a dashboard. 

24/7 live support

Get help from our customer support professionals at any time. 

Session control

Scale up your scraping projects whenever needed. 

Additional benefits

Rapidly expanding proxy pool

Access one of the biggest proxy pools in the market. 


Enjoy a smooth scraping process avoiding disruptive CAPTCHA requests. 

IPs around the globe

Connect to your preferred country or city anywhere in the world. 

Why you should choose Oxylabs’ California proxies

Effortless California proxy integration

Our California proxies are easy to integrate with third-party applications, including IP address management tools for browsers. To make the integration process even easier, our team has prepared numerous developer-friendly tutorials for you to follow.

Vast scalability options with California proxies

With a large number of California IPs, it’s easy to scale up your scraping project and process even the most difficult operations. Our robust California proxies allow keeping the scraping process smooth, uninterrupted, and free from technical challenges like IP bans or CAPTCHAs.

Ever-growing number of IPs

Adapting to constantly changing and growing business needs is our top priority. Hence, we’re constantly adding high-quality, ethically-sourced proxies to our Datacenter and Residential proxy pools. On top of that, we regularly update Datacenter with new protocol types, such as HTTP(S), SOCKS5, and more. 

Certified data centers and upstream providers

All of our products are insured

All of our products are covered by Technology Errors & Omissions (Technology E&O) and Cyber Insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is web scraping legal in the US?

There is no straightforward answer as to whether web scraping is legal in the US. It varies from case to case, solely depending on whether you’re in line with the applicable laws regarding your access to the specific public data. We suggest seeking professional legal advice for your particular case. You can also check out our blog post on this topic to learn more about the legality of web scraping. 

Should I use free Californian Proxies?

Using a free California proxy comes with numerous potential security risks and technical issues, including poor speed and lack of stability. On the other hand, paid proxies are typically sourced ethically, ensuring security and adequate performance. 

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