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Setting Up Proxies in Ghost Browser

Adding proxies and thus performing scraping tasks with a different IP address enhances the browsing experience. Therefore, this guide will show you how to integrate Oxylabs Residential and Datacenter Proxies with Ghost Browser.

Setting Up Proxies in Ghost Browser

Ghost Browser setup guide

1. Launch Ghost Browser.

2. Click on Browser Settings at the bottom-left of the interface.

3. Once opened, click on Advanced.

4. Afterwards, select System.

5. This will bring you to a handful of new options where you’ll have to click on Open your computer’s proxy settings.

6. The following steps are covered in our Windows 10/11 proxy setup tutorial; thus, if you wish to proceed, click here.

Adding multiple proxies in one go

1. Start by clicking on the Ghost Proxy Control emblem.

2. Pick Add/Edit Proxies.

3. A new window will appear, choose Add Bulk Proxies. Read the instructions provided below and pick Export Proxy List.

4. A pre-formatted .CSV file will be downloaded upon clicking Export Proxy List.

5. Enter the proxy information within the file and save it. Importantly, do not change the name of the file.

6. The first Custom Name column is meant to be filled in, but if you leave it empty, each proxy will be automatically numbered (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.).

7. Then, pick Import Proxy List.

8. Choose the updated .CSV file. Your proxy information has now been uploaded to the Ghost Control Proxy settings page.

9. Also, if you wish, you could also test your proxies by clicking on Test Proxies, adding a target URL, and choosing Test.


As you can see, there are multiple ways proxies can be added to Ghost browser, though the process in each is rather simple. 

Although in the case that some questions do arise or if you simply wish to learn about Oxylabs’ solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Please be aware that this is a third-party tool not owned or controlled by Oxylabs. Each third-party provider is responsible for its own software and services. Consequently, Oxylabs will have no liability or responsibility to you regarding those services. Please carefully review the third party's policies and practices and/or conduct due diligence before accessing or using third-party services.

Frequently asked questions

What is Ghost Browser?

Ghost Browser is an open-source browser built on Chromium. It enables multi-session browsing identities and workspaces for users to get the most out of browsing while being malware and tracking-free. One of the features Ghost Browser carries is so-called ‘cookie jars’ that are isolated from one another, in this way allowing users to log in to multiple accounts within one website at once.

How to add proxies with Ghost Proxy Control by Workspace or Identity?

A specific proxy can be assigned to the active tab, Identity, or Workspace. However, doing so involves numerous steps and requires you to understand the precise proxy hierarchy needed for efficient usage of the Ghost Proxy Control extension. Thankfully, Ghost Support has an in-depth post explaining the necessary steps in detail, which you can find here.

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